Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Bob Gallerani

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Kingsbury Elementary School 1946 Kindergarten with Miss Crawford
Front Row: Sayre Humphrey, Bruce Ramsey, Don Lambro, Jay Blunt, Mike Rutledge, John Morgan, Walter Battaglia, Peter Fitz.

Second Row: Nancy Osgood. Grace Cononi, Nancy Perkins, Jane Wilbur, Judy Nicholes, Wendy Edmands,
Esther Juliani, Sally Kemp, Sara MacGilvra.
Third Row: Judy ?, ?, Pricilla (aka Bonnie Brown), Mary Ann Mahaney, Lucille Gaige, Pam Wright, Gail Mathers, Gail Abraham, Judy Woods ?, ?. Fourth Row - Peter Smith, Marcia Leahy, Linda Gaige, Kathy Johnson, Bob Gallerani, Karl Christianson.


Junior High Football Team 1954 Undefeated season. See Caption for names. 
Front Row: Bruce Ramsey, 38 Hugo Rossi, 21 Jerry Chapman, 14 Denny Anderson, 19 Jack Bell, 30 Rocky Edwards, 37 Tex Alderson, 20 Parker Blatchford, 22 Bill Blaney ?, 39 Bob Gallerani.
Second Row: 31 Bob Detrich, 35 ?, 39 David Chase, George Frangoulis, 36 Bob Tedoldi,10 Mike Gray, 18 Al Winnier, Pete Kelly?,16 Dave Buell, 23 Butch Crosby, Coach Davis, Don Stevens.

Third Row: 12 ?, 3 Hamlet Colina, 29 R. Fogerty, ##### Stedt, 26 ?, R. Fogerty, Pat Fleming, ?, ?, ?.
Back Row - Pete Woodley, E


Gym Show - Junior High School, Unknown Year. 
Left to right: - ?, ?, Bruce MacCracken, Rocky Edwards, Bottom Man Bill Blaney ?, Bob Gallerani, Top man ?, ?, Hamlet Colina,
Bruce Ramsey, Bob Keene ?.

Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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