Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Dottie's Album

Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home

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Ann Morris Loring and Edgar Loring


Sierra + Ann & Ed's son David


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Marcia Hansen on Vacation with Dottie Loring Stanley - Prescott, AZ 04-18-10


                                                  Ginny Sleigh Sands                   Mary Ann Mahaney Sullivan


Connie Attanasio Von Zweck & sister


Dottie & John Devereux (WHS '59),  2002

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... Earlier Ages


Dottie Loring



P. Coan, Linda Nutter, Dottie Loring, Jane Dozois, Carla Zani, Ginny Debello, Donna McDonald, Carla Zani, Esther Mortarelli


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Dottie and Ginny Loring and Joyce MacCauley



Ginny DeBello and Dottie Loring at Cranes Beach



Christmas Cotillion - George Rand & Dottie Loring

1956 Senior Prom - Dottie Loring & George Rand


Dottie and George Rand - Dennisport, MA


           Gary Lapham & Dave Hicks                       Gary Lapham in the USAF

Drag Racing in Maine,  Aug 30, 1958 ...




Don Defazio's car                              Rocky Edward's Car


Carla Zani's 1953 Ford

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Perrin School


Perrin School

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Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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