Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Eleanor Doe Matheson

Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home

September, 2002

Ellie & Bud Matheson

Debbie French Cassis, Pat Carey Cochran,  Ellie & Sandy Shaw Protze

September, 2002

Friends for a Long Time

Debbie French & Ernie Cassis

Paul Cochran (WHS '56) & Pat Carey Cochran

Sandy Shaw & Herman Protze

Ellie and Bud in Florida 12-02

Ellie Doe's High School Pictures

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Ellie Doe, Pat Carey, unknowns what year

Pete Brown, Ellie Doe

Bob Brown, Ellie Doe

1956 Senior Prom

Tootsie Weisenbach, Richard Stedt

1957Bo Hansen, Diane Stratford

1957 Bob Madden, Alan Bishop, Joan Roberts

1957 Bob Madden, Alan Bishop, Wendy Edmands, Diane Stratford, Linda Burdick, Bruce McCracken

 1957 Debbie Russell, Nancy Bishop, Steffi Carle, Alice Edgertone, Nancy Hatch, Wendy Edmands, Dia

1957 Diane Cannon, Nancy Bishop

1957 Joan Roberts

1957 Karl Christenson, Dave Buell, unknown

1957 Nancy Hatch

1957 Oppie Oppenheimer, Diane Stratford, Bo Hansen

1957 Pat Rowan's house, Alice Edgerton, Nancy Biship, Becy Cook, Joan Roberts

Al Minucci, John Kearns, unknown, Gary Lapham

Alice Edgerton

Alice Edgerton, 2 unknowns, PJ party

Barry O'Keefe 1957 unknown

Bob Brown

John Gummere, Oppie Oppenheimer, Bob Madden 1957

Bob Madden, Bo Hansen, Diane Stratfored, Richard E unsure

Bob Madden, Al Winnier, Alice Edgerton, unsure of Al - let me know if it isn't Al

Dave Babson class of 56, Diane Cannon, Ralph Ditano class of 56 1957

Debbie Russell, Nancy Bishop, Diane Cannon, Alice Edgerton, Joannie Roberts , Tootsie Weisnenbac

December 1957 Seniors in high school, Nancy Kiddoo's house,Ellie Doe and Terry O'Duggan

Diane Cannon, Nancy Hatch, Diane Stratford, Mary Kanab, Sue Bell, Alice Edgerton, Nancy Miller, & ?

Diane Stratford, Bo Hansen, Wendy Edmands, Dave Babcock and unknowns

Diane Stratford, Bruce Ramsey , Ellie Doe

football game - anyone know who is who?

Gym Show 1957 girl's team 6

John Kearns, class of 57, Rocky Edwards and Pat Carey

Legs, Unknowns, Diane Stratford, Diane Cannon

Nancy Bishop 1957

Nancy Miller, Nancy Hatch, Diane Stratford, Diane Cannon, Ellie Doe, Nancy Bishop, Sue Bell and ?

Pat Carey, Ellie Doe, Diane Stratford

Pat Rowan's party 1956 Tootsie Weisenbach and Wendy Edmands

Pat Rowen'ss house oct 6, 1956 The girls

Pat Rowan's house, Debbie Russell napping

Pat Rowan's house, unkn, Bonnie Brown, Linda Hall, Debbie Russell

Pat Rowan's PJ party, becky Cook and Nancy dancing, Pat Carey watching

Pat Rowan's PJ party, Wendy Edmands, Nancy bishop, Tootsie Weisenbach, Pat Carey, Pat Rowan wend

Pat Rowan's PJ party, Wendy Edmands, Nancy Hatch, Nancy Bishop, Pat Rowan, Pat Carey

Pat Rowan's PJ party Diane Stratford and Joannie Roberts or Joanie Weisenback - let me know please

Peter Edmands, Oppie Oppenheimer 1957

Rocky Edwards, Pat Carey, Bruce Ramsey and Bob Gallerani

Sue Bell, Bob Madden, Mary Stanley, Nancy Hatch, Wendy Edmands

Summer 1957 Nancy Bishop and Diane Cannon

The girls at Ellie's 1957

1955 William Doe, Phil Beauchamp and unknown


Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home
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