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Gary Lapham

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2003 Gary and Nancy-Jo Lapham and grandchildren Savannah 5 1/2 and Zachary 3 1/2.


Kingsbury School - May 19,1952 Grade 6
Front Row - Gary Lapham, Patricia DeFlumere, Bob Gallerani, ?, Karl Christianson, Linda Hall, Bruce Ramsey, Marcia Sullivan, Don Lambro, Wendy Edmands. Second Row - ?, Marcia Leahy, ?, ?, ?, Esthere Juliani, Jay Blunt, Sara MacGilvera. Back Row - Don DeFazio, ?, Mary Ann Mahaney, Posy Rice, ?, Sally Kemp, ?, Jane Wilbur.

Mrs. Long's 7th Grade Picture May 10, 1953
1st Row-Bruce Ramsey, ?, ##### Emerson, ?, ?, Nancy Perkins, Anne Barton, Linda Wennberg, Madaline William, ? Suzanne Smith, Cindy Carter. 2nd Row- Jeff Meefham, Walter Spita, Bob Keene, ?, Jack Morse maybe, Gwen Thomas, Sue Wilde, Marjoria Sjulander, Cindy Carter. Back Row - Gary Lapham, ?, Walter Bessett, ##### Bigley, ?, Bob Brown, ?, Ann Morris, ?, Sarah Battilana, ?.

Top of Port Authority Building, NYC - helicopter flight. 12-28-1954
Pilot Ray Chaisson talking to Gary Lapham, Bob Keene and Bill Tobin before going up for a helicopter flight up and down the Hudson River.

Bob Keene, Gary Lapham and Bill Tobin. 12-28-1954
On the Deck of the Barbara Moran tugboat on the Hudson River with NYC skyline in the background.

Bill Tobin, Bob Keene and Gary Lapham.
Having a box lunch aboard the tugboat Barbara Moran in NYC. 12-28-1954

Gary's and his red hot convertible. His first car a '38 Ford. July 2, 1955

Bruce Ramsey' Castle, Ipswich, Ma - Who remembers Graduation Night at the Castle?


Gary's 47 Ford

Classic 1947 Ford Woody in front of Gary's house.


Don DeFazio and Gary Lapham, July 2, 1955

The beginnings of our Dragster!

Working at the Defenders Barn. Let me know who the guys are.

Joe Crowe sitting on the tire. Bill Tobin looking in the roof and Bob Gallerani working on the f ?

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Cars in progress - OK Boys, give me some names of who belongs to these cars.


Sept. '59, The boys watching a dragster in Sanford, ME doing 107 MPH in a 1/4 mile.
Left to right - Louis Gallerani (Bob's Dad), ?, Jerry Dewing, David Buell, ##### Turner, Bill Tobin, Gary Lapham, Bob Keene, Rocky Edwards and Bob Gallerani.


Bob Keene and his Mercury convertible - tell me what year his car is?

Bob Keene's car - a beautiful Mercury.

Dave Buell and his Corvette

1958-1960? David Buell cleaning his Corvette.

The Defender's Dragster


Going to the Sunday Drags at Sanford, ME Airport. Our dragster towed by John Kearns.

Is this Jim Yotz's Ford?

Dave Nickerson's car.

Hanging out at the Steven's barn. Who else is in this picture besides Rocky Edwards and Bruce


Karl Christianson and is 59 Chevy - keeping it clean!


Karl Christianson's 59 Chevy at Sanford, ME drags.

Defenders Hot Rod Club at Don Steven's Farm.

A nice picture of Rocky's Mercury at the Sanford Drag Strip in Maine.


Early morning meeting at the Steven's Barn Defender's Clubhouse.


Gary's 1954 Ford at the Hot Rod Barn. Defenders Hot Rod Club.

Thinking about the dragster. ##### Turner on left.

Intervale Ski Trip to NH. 1958

Bruce Ramsey and Plymouth and Gary's '54 Ford. 1958

1964 Cal Wellington's Gas Station on Route 9 in Natick. On Right is Gary's 1957 Chevy Nomad Wago

1964 Jim Yotz first truck. Who are the little kids?

Gordon Irving's first truck. 1964


1965 Gary's Esso Station in Dedham Center for 14 years. 1965-1979. Gary's new 1965 Chevell 327/3


Don DeFazio Trucking Co. Year Unknown.


Don DeFazio with his truck and backhoe. Year Unknown.


Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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