Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Joan Roberts

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Back: Diane Stratford, Linda Hall, Alice Edgerton, Jane Dozois, Debby Hawes

Middle: Anne Morris, Dorcy Erlandson, Debby French, Patti Sinko, Jackie Buxbaum, Joanie Roberts, Mary Doran, Anne Maynard

Front: Mary Stanley, Debbie Russell, Judy Prescott



Joan Roberts, Mary Doran, Alice Edgerton, Diane Stratford


Mary Doran, Alice Edgerton, Debbie Russell, Debby French & Joanie Roberts


Back: Judy Hammond, Dorcy Erlandson, Jane Dozois, Debby Hawes, Mary Doran,

Patti Sinko, Debbie Russell, Linda Hall

Front: Susie Smith, Sally Kemp, Brenda Colby, Jackie Buxbaum, Mary Stanley,

Anne Maynard, Diane Stratford, Debby French, Linda Burdick


Dorcy Erlandson, Gracie Cononi, Linda Burdick, Mary Stanley


Joanie Roberts, Debby French


Front: Susie Smith, Anne Morris, Jackie Morse, Diane Stratford, Mary Doran, Dorcy Erlandson

Back: Frank Lang, Dave Nickerson, George Frangoulis, Don Richardson


Linda Burdick & Bobby Keene


Back: Gracie Cononi, Anne Morris, Debby French, Dorcy Erlandson, Patti Sinko, Joanie Roberts,

Jackie Buxbaum, Linda Burdick, Sue Bell, Jane Dozois, Debby Hawes, Mary Doran

Front: Mary Stanley, Linda Hall, Sally Kemp, Judy Hammond, Alice Edgerton, Debbie Russell


Debbie Russell, Alice Edgerton


Joyce MacCauley, Judy Hammond


Judy Prescott


Jackie Buxbaum's Hen Party - Feb, 1955

Back: Carol Brines, Sandy (Jackie's friend), Patti Sinko, Mary Stanley, Joyce MacCauley, Sally Kemp, Judy Hammond

Front: Diane Stratford, Lina Burdick, Anne Morris, Debby Hawes, Joanie Roberts, Susie Smith


Party at my house - April 1955

Back: Judy Hammond, Debby French, Sue Bell, Grace Cononi, Jackie Buxbaum, Tootsie
Middle: Sally Kemp, Linda Wennberg, Anne Barton, Mary Stanley, Joyce MacCauley
Front: Diane Stratford, Pattie Sinko, Debbie Russell, Joanie Roberts, Marilyn Carey

Last day of 9th Grade - June 1955
Nancy Perkins, Joanie Roberts, Anne Maynard, Linda Burdick, Grace Cononi, Marilyn Carey, Debby French

Day at the Wellesley Country Club Pool - Summer 1955
Debby French, Steffie Carle, Debbie Russell, Joanie Roberts, Linda Burdick, Marilyn Carey, Gracie Cononi

Summer 1955
Debby French, Marilyn Carey, Grace Cononi, Linda Burdick, Frannie Dias, Joanie Roberts, Nancy Perkins

Gracie Cononi's 15th Birthday - March 1955
Joanie Roberts, Debby French, Gracie, Frannie Dias, Nancy Perkins

Grace's Birthday
Linda, Debby, Frannie, Gracie & Nancy

Kathy Fitzpatrick, Judy Wood, Sue Bell, Anne Morris, Marilyn Carey, Carol Brines, Susie Smith,
Gracie Cononi, LInda Burdick, Debby French, Linda Hall, Joanie Roberts, Anne Maynard,
Jackie Buxbaum, Joyce MacCauley, Patti Sinko, Diane Stratford

Same as above

Marilyn Carey, Grace Cononi, Pattie Sinko, Diane Stratford, Carol Brines, Joanie Roberts, Judy Wood, Anne Maynard

Pattie Sinko, Diane Stratford, Linda Burdick, Marilyn Carey, Anne Maynard

Halloween Party -- October 1955 -- I think it was at Anne Maynard's house.
Back: Grace Cononi, Susie Smith, Anne Morris, Pat Dowley, Linda Burdick, Debby French, Bobbie Bissett, Joanie Roberts, Sue Bell, Nancy Miller, Judy Prescott
Middle: Diane Stratford, Nancy Hatch, Jackie Buxbaum, Carol Brines, Sally Kemp
Front: Linda Hall, Dorcy Erlandson, Patti Sinko, Nancy Kiddoo, Mary Stanley, Judy Mallon

Same as above

Same as above

Denny Anderson & Mary Stanley

Bruce McCracken, Oppie, Patti Sinko, Bruce Ramsey

Dave Nickerson, John Gummere, Butch Mead

 Judy Prescott's Dinner Party before FERGIES - November 1955
Becky Cook, Nancy Hatch, Joan Roberts

Linda Burdick, Nancy Miller

Jackie Morse, Don Richardson, Diane Stratford, Carol Brines, Judy Prescott

Party at Debby French's house - October 1955
Dan Steiger, Debby French, Joan Roberts, Bruce McCracken, Stan Hunt, Grace Cononi

Nancy Miller & Gary Lapham

Don DeFazio, Grace Cononi, Debby French, Dan Steiger
Background: Denny Anderson, Nancy Miller, Gary Lapham

Don DeFazio, Marilyn Carey, Sue Bell, Jerry Chapman, Joan Roberts, Bruce McCracken, Joyce MacCauley
Nancy Hatch, Stan Hunt, Debby French
Background: Bobby Keene, Linda Burdick

Surprise 15th Birthday Party for me at Debby French's house - December 1955
Marilyn Carey, Grace Cononi, Anne Maynard, Joan Roberts, Sue Bell, Nancy Hatch
Judy Prescott, Debby French, Joyce MacCauley

Party at my house December - 1955
Jerry Chapman, Oppie, Bob Walsh, Bob McCadam

Pictures from a  party at Tootsie's in 1954
Tootsie Weisenbach & Debby French

Dick Stedt

Remember the photo booths? April - 1954
Tootsie Weisenbach & Joanie, Linda Wennberg, Alice Edgerton, Tootsie & Wendy Edmands

Here are a few pictures I bought in 9th grade that were taken by the school photographer --
Candidates for 9th Grade Class Offices:
Back Row: Bruce Ramsey, Tootsie Weisenbach, Parker Blatchford, Bobbie Bissett, Anne Maynard, Judy Wood,
Anne Morris, Grace Cononi, Bill Hersey
Front: Alice Edgerton, Dana Fogarty, Mary Doran, Stan Hunt, Don Richardson, Steffi Carle, Posy Rice,
Stan Whitcomb, Jeremy Chapman

Campaign skit for Gracie Cononi --
Linda Burdick, Debby French, Nancy Perkins, Diane Guarnieri, Joan Roberts, Donna MacDonald

Campaign skit for Alice Edgerton --
Carol Castellanos, Linda Wennberg, Jackie Bell, Jim Alderson, Bonnie Brown

Cheerleaders 1954-1955
Alice Edgerton, Steffi Carle, Mary Stanley, Dana Fogarty, Anne Barton, Debbie Johnson
(?name unknown - 8th grader), Diane Guarnieri, Barbara Barry

Cheering Crowd at High School Football Game - Fall 1955

Judy Prescott's Hen Party - February 1955
Patty Sinko, Anne Maynard, Judy Letson, Joyce MacCauley, Judy Prescott

Grace Cononi's 16th Birthday party - March 1956
Alice Edgerton, Steffi Carle, Joan Roberts, Gracie, Anne Maynard, Carol Castellanos, Linda Burdick

Grace Cononi's 16th Birthday party - March 1956
Linda Wennberg, Carol Castellanos, Marilyn Carey, Alice Edgerton, Joanie Roberts, Steffi Carle,
Linda Burdick, Anne Maynard

February 1956
Bruce Ramsey, Tom Steves

George Frangoulis & Judy Mallon

Jeff Meehan

Goodbye party for Judy Letson (unfortunately she isn't in the picture!)
Back: Linda Burdick, Grace Cononi, Debby French, Mary Louise Noonan, Joan McFayden, Mary Leonhardt
Front: Joan Roberts, Judy Prescott, Nancy Miller, Joyce MacCauley

Judy Letson

1957 - Bruce Ramsey, John Gummere, Ellie Doe, Gary Argento, Wendy Edmands

1957 - Dave Buell, Peter Edmands, Oppie, Karl Christainson, Bo Hansen, Bonnie Brown,
Carol Castellanos, Diane Stratford, Roger Gray

1957 - Joanie Roberts, Wendy Edmands, Bo Hansen, Donald Stevens

1957 - Oppie, Bo Hansen, Debby Russell, Alice Edgerton, Bonnie Brown,
Diane Stratford, Roger Gray, Tootsie

1957 - Bob Madden, Alan Bishop, Wendy Edmands, Joan Roberts,
Diane Stratford, Bruce McCracken, Linda Burdick

1957 - Diane Cannon, Jim Yotz, (? name unknown), Roger Gray

1957 - Bob Madden, Alan Bishop, Wendy Edmands, Linda Hall, Diane Stratford

1957 - Dick Stedt & Nancy Bishop

The following color slides are my "Come As You Are Party"
We drove to each person's house, getting them out of bed early in the morning to come to my house for breakfast - September 1959

Steffi Carle, Tootsie Weisenbach, Joanie Roberts, Wendy Edmands, Linda Hall, Diane Cannon,
Diane Stratford, Nancy Bishop, Linda Wennberg, Grace Cononi, Bev Ekings, Debbie Russell

Wendy, Linda H., Grace, Bev, Steffi, Tootsie, Nancy

Joanie, Wendy, Bev, Linda H., Debbie

Carol Castellanos, Linda W.

Bev, Steffi, Tootsie, Nancy

Debbie, Joanie, Diane C.

Linda W., Diane C., Grace

Tootsie, Grace (I think they're saying, "NO MORE PICTURES".)

Bev, Linda H., Steffi, Diane S.

Nancy, Diane C., Joanie, Wendy, Bev 


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