Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Rocky's Collection

Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home

Wellesley Junior High School, 1955

Back: B. McAdam, D. Beal, A. Minucci, D. Anderson, B. Lyttle, B. Hansen, B. Markey

Middle: B. McCracken, B. Danielson* , K. McKenzie, Hugo Rossi, A. "Butch" Crosby, Coach Phil Davis

Front: P. Fitz**, J. Blunt**, S. Oppenheimer, R. Edwards, J. "Tex" Alderson, R. "Fluff" Porter

What could possibly distract these boys from basketball?

  * Bill Danielson,  identified by  Dick Emerson, Staunton Oppenheimer and Judy Hammond Blatchford


** Names identified and corrected by Judy Hammond Blatchford

Contributed by R. Edwards

Rocky's Collection

Are the names coming through?

Keep going, you're on a roll!


Oh no, not CARS!!



Car Buffs Left to Right: J. Yotz, K. Christianson, B. McCracken, D. Stedt, B. Gallerani, Advisor J. Dewing, D. Buell, squatting in front, R. Edwards

Standing at left: unknown uniformed individual, Sponsor Bob Lee, Lee Chevrolet and Lt. Weaver, Wellesley P.D.

Squatting at state-of-art hub cap (now wheel cover):  Representative of Wellesley ESSO


Back: R. Edwards, C. Lewis, M. Burns, ?, J. Putnam, L. Daloz

Front: L. Childs, P. Blatchford*, F. Lang, T. Loss

Try another?

Who is this young fellow?  An unresolved mystery.  Send your ID to Tattled Tales today.

*  Parker Blatchford was identified by himself & wife, Judy Hammond.


Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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