Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Stanley P Whitcomb, Jr.'s Album

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Hurricane Charley Aug, 2004
Southern Accent before and after



Stan & Jaynie, FL 2002

Stan & Jaynie, CA 1998


My 5 sons, wife Jaynie, and daughter in law of the son on the far right.



 Mike and John on our back deck at the N. Carolina house.

... Earlier Ages

Here is an article about being with President Reagan when we bombed Libya.
Times haven't changed and note the article to the right where the French refused to let us fly over.

  Terrorism continues 17 years later!! 

Mother & sister Florence - Class of 56 in front of White House, Wash. DC

 Carol Pope - Class of 59 At Niagara Falls (but we weren't on our honeymoon)

Margo Breck - Class of 59

My first love Linda Wennberg in 5th grade, 7th Grade, 9th Grade (She never knew it!). I was shy then.

Jack Morse, Stan Whitcomb, Frank Lang, Parky Blatchford, Stan Hunt, Jerry Chapman, Edgar Loring

Anne Morris, Joan Roberts, Linda Burdick, Bonnie Brown, Frannie Diaz, Judy Hammond, Linda Wennberg,
Judy Wood, Sally Kemp, Alice Edgerton, Steffi Carle

7 Grade Art Class - Stanley Whitcomb, Robert Hansford, Paul Farnham, Marilyn Reid, Robert McCarthy,
Jeremy Chapman, Carl Schirmer, Wendy Edmands, Linda Hall, Carolyn Coveney, Beverly Ekings,
Jay Blunt, Susan Drummond, Robert Madden, John Barnard?

My sister and I, Phyllis (Class of 63), & Florence (Class of 56) at Audubon Society.

Sprague 5th Grade - 1951

Note: Looking for ? names.  If known, send to: Dottie

Walter Spita, Butch Meade?, Jackie Bell, ?, Bruce Ramsey? ,? , ?, Stan on bike,
Front: Ted Villa, Walter Battaglia

See above

The Cast
Back Row: Grace Cononi, Sue Wilde, Bonnie Brown, ?, ?, boy?, Linda Wennberg, Marcia DeLucci, Gail Abraham, ?, ?
Front Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

See above



?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Linda Wennberg, ?, ?, ?


9th Grade -Wellesley Junior High School - 1955

 James S. Thistle, Principal

Anne Morris


Movie Star - Judy Prescott, Science -  Dana Fogerty, Nursing - Debbie French, Baseball - Jane Wilbur,
Teaching - ?, Journalism - Karen Wagner

Politics - Marsha Tims, Business - Sally Kemp, Law - Patti Sinko,
 Medicine - Diane LaCount, TV Star -Marilyn Carey

Most Popular - Diane Stratford, Most Friendly - Barbara Barry, Wittiest - Mary & Martha?,
Best Scholar - Bobbie Hollingsworth?, Cutest - Judy Hammond

Best All-around - Debbie Hawes, Best Dancer - Alice Edgerton,
Most Athletic - Diane Guarnieri, Most Ambitious - Stanley Whitcomb

Note: Although Stan's photo was loose in the booklet, it must have fallen from this spot.


Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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