Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

Thomas Curry

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Taken 1-15-2003
Petter Cotton (Class of 1960), Joe Horan (Class of 1959), Tom Curry, John Koller (Class of 1960),

Irene McRann Horan (Class of 1960) and Bob Porter(Class of 1958 Wilbrahan Academy).


Revere Beach 1958
It was taken just before Graduation at Revere Beach. We decided to go and probably be "pains in the ##### " for the Revere Beach crowd. The photo was taken right after we went on the roller coaster as I'm not wearing my glasses. The reason I'm not wearing them is that they flew off my face when we hit the first decent and I grabbed them in one hand and held on to the bar with the other for the rest of the ride. When the damned thing stopped, I had crushed my glasses and Leonard.

Snapshots        Class of 1958 Home


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