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November 7, 2002



We are pleased to announce ALICE EDGERTON GRAF has been appointed OBITUARY EDITOR.  After reviewing hundreds of applications,  including many from from the Dracula and Frankenstein families, we decided that Alice would do the best job,  especially in paying proper respect to the deceased.  If you have information about those passed away,  please send it to Alice.



We heard from Frank Lang, at last,  who is safe and sound in Tampa, Fl.  He writes,


"What a wonderful surprise to get your message and to see all that's been happening.


"Steve's "brute force mailing" did find its mark and the information listed for me is correct.  I will find my way through the Registration process and hopefully be "onboard" soon.


"I have great interest in attending the 45th and should I relocate to Connecticut in early spring I would be very available to help with the "event management". I have been fortunate to return to Wellesley a few times each year and it truly is amazing the memories each of us holds. Dottie and I went to a little brick elementary school house at the end of her street. It was a bit surreal to drive back and find only a grassy park in its place. I was also surprised and saddened about the classmates we have lost.


"In looking at the Rocky's "Horror Show" picture Parker is the guy in front holding the banner. As for the mystery man; does the name Brent Lathbury strike a familiar note. Maybe someone will know."


Unfortunately,  we had to tell Frank that JHB had already figured it out,  and that he didn't win the $100.  Next time, try Hialeah.



On receiving a large white envelope from OCEAN WATCH INN,  we assumed our editorial staff was about to be rewarded with an expense-paid weekend.  Opening it,  at first we couldn't find anything.  After taking the envelope apart, a carefully folded REUNION SURVEY form dropped out.  Thanks,  Diane Cannon Jolicoeur,  for planning to attend.  Don't worry about a thing - we called Dottie on the telephone to give her the details.  Now, we're wondering which of Diane's clients got the WHS return envelope we provided.  Don't worry about a thing,  Dottie will call in any reservations she receives.



Nancy Kiddoo sent us a most artistically crafted card,  and told us a photo was enclosed.  However,  we could not find the photo despite several careful examinations of the romantic peach envelope.  We hid the envelope from our close relations.  By the time you read this, we'll have shredded the evidence,  which we hope makes it past the PI crew regularly patrolling our dumpster.


This note is hard to describe,  and we cannot post it as written - unless you can turn your screen on its side and upside down.  As best we can make out,  here's what it says:



"Date: 11/04/02 10:54:08 AM PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME



"Dear Webmaster,


"After speaking to you & discovering how computer illiterate and naive I have been been to the "NO RULES" out there on the world wide web - I'm attempting to catch up before it's too late for me!  You asked for a recent picture and I thought it wise to send you one & give you my blessing,  as you share it with our Class of '58.  As you can see,  I'm still alive & kicking - I'm still known to show some good spirit - as to that "flashing smile", well, what do you think?!  I haven't changed a bit ... How about you?


"... I have an idea for the Class Web Site.  It has been very hard for us to lose the friends we are now losing - and for me - this reminds me of the life we have left to live and maybe we can, as a class, find a way to celebrate it a bit together.  We share on the internet our address, phone number and e-mail address - what about including our birthday for those who may want to send b'day cards to friends we are "finding" after all these years?  I mean - our ages aren't really a secret - since we all went to school together & it might be fun to do - Bob Gallerani informed me several years ago that we had all become "Old Farts" and there are a lot of funny b'day cards out there for old folks these days!  We seem to be a class that can do anything & this might be another way to stay connected on a regular basis - by using the internet to post b'days on each person's class list  Ladies aren't supposed to TELL their age but since you have the Tattled Tales I'll begin by giving mine & you can share this picture as my recent birthday picture - my b'day is 11-10-40.  I am writing this note in this fashion to you as a reminder that some people still communicate by SNAIL MAIL!!! Since NO RULES apply, please let me know if you posted my picture on our web site.  Keep up the good work. [smiley face]"


Before posting this work,  we asked our Webmaster what to do about it. "Yep, she's got us, all right," he said, "No-computer-Nancy sent us a repro of a painting of a leathery old woman of the old wild West - we can't print it without getting endless copyright releases from the legal beagles.  Then she used a whole bunch of hard-to-print font faces,  and wandered all over the pages - right side up, sideways, upside down, and - get this - the coil spiraling down to the end!  People would break their necks reading it on the screen.  Anyway,  just type it in the best you can.  Admit it,  she beat us."  It took us a couple of hours to get it posted.  We'll write Nancy about the missing picture.


November 7, 2002



We hadn't heard from any of those involved in the political campaigns for 2 days,  so we assigned our reporter WB to find out what was happening.  He didn't find Ramsey and the other nominees,  although our sources believe they may be holding some sort of conclave at Ramsey Castle.  Battaglia is still in the hospital, but has been unleashed from the bed.  He may be released onto the street tomorrow.  An informant said Mike Gray was out of detention,  and hiding in some old rooms downtown.  WB found Gray,  but Gray wouldn't open up.  Through the door,  our reporter yelled "What did they want to know,  what did they ask you about?"  Gray,  sounding frightened,  asked the reporter to quiet down and go away.  "I'll get back to you after I catch my breath.  I'm still running," he said.


November 5, 2002



Steve Kenney gets a response from Priscilla Doran Brejcha,  who doesn't have e-mail.  Priss is nice enough to VOLUNTEER for the Reunion Planning Committee - IN WRITING! - so we've assigned her to the MID-WEST branch of that group.  She says,  "Having been secretary of our class I would like to offer my services to the planning committee."



This raises the question,  what is meant by 'having been secretary'?  We don't know of any resignation, impeachment, incapacity or other action which removed Priscilla from office.  Recalling the Nov 4th  Ramsey Warning in which she was mentioned,  and the sudden Battaglia beating that day,  we decided to investigate further.  We dispatched a message to Dick Emerson to inquire about Priscilla,  but the messenger called us to say he's ducked out of sight.  The message was left under the door of Dick's vacant office.


While we were working on the Brejcha story,  our lawyers advised us we may have misprinted some information about the Nominees for Class Offices.  Also, they believe Bruce Ramsey, Esq is representing the group,  or is, at least, their spokesperson.  Surprised by these findings,  we assigned our reporter, WB, to follow up.


Since Tattled Tales was informed the nominees had been meeting at Ramsey Castle,  WB went there.  Upon arrival at the Castle gate,  WB found a couple of burly guards posted there, liveried in the Ramsey style.  "What do you want?", one of them said.  WB told him he had a message for the nominees.  They asked him whether he had authority to be admitted. WB stammered,  "Well,  I don't know ...",  to which the guard said, "Then, you can't go in;  go away!"  The persistent WB, standing his ground, retorted,  "Maybe you can deliver the message inside?"  "What's it all about, let me see that!" the guard demanded. WB gave him the note.  The guard put it in a machine near the gate,  which shook and rattled for a minute,  and then spit it out.  He said,  "OK,  No Bugs.  Let's see what it says."   He read,


"I hope you've all seen the film,  DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, because I think I get to play Steve Martin's role in the WHS scam. You know,  the idiot brother, Ruprecht.


"So, I plead being slow and cantankerous,  in only now recognizing I have completely botched your honorable Estates.


"I finally realized today that JUDGE Martha W Copithorne is something nearer to the truth for her.  But I hestitate to guess the true nature of things with Mssrs Ramsey & Gulliver. So,  I hope your honors,  you would enlighten me as to exactly how I should address you?


"Lucky me,  I'm in California,  hopefully out of reach of your worthinesses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and State of New Hampshire, so I can ask this question at all.


                /ss/ Editor, Tattled Tales


The guard snickered,  then told WB,  "OK, we'll do you a favor and take it in,  now go away! Get lost!," brandishing his nightstick.  Scared, WB ran off.


WB went to the hospital,  where Battaglia was being treated for a couple of broken ribs and broken nose.  Battaglia was told about Priscilla, Dick Emerson and our memo.  He asked WB to send a message to Ramsey,  which he couldn't write, so dictated this:


"To the Honorable Mr. Ramsey:


"Dick Emerson and I have plotted nothing whatsoever.  Your nomination was duly seconded by Michael Gray.


"The only intriguing question is whether you, Ms M Witherell Copithorne and Mr W Gulliver propose to handle the class offices in a suitable manner.


"And, would you kindly explain that to us commoners in language we can understand?


"I take it this means you do not refuse."


Taking leave of Battaglia,  our reporter made a copy of his missive (reprinted above) and returned to the Castle with some trepidation.  There, the guard was even more brutish,  snapping, "What are you doing back here!!?"  "I have another message for the nominees or whoever is in there," WB bleated.  The guard snatched the paper out of WB's hands,  ran it through the machine, and read it.  "OK, I'll deliver this one, too!  Now, get the hell out of here.  Out! Out!",  thrusting his nightstick toward WB.  WB left in a hurry.



The next day,  Battaglia called our editorial offices to say he'd received another notice from the Ramsey bunch.  Apparently trusting us a little more,  he offered to let us have a copy.  We sent WB to the hospital again,  where he was given the letter.


"Citizen Walter


"I cannot help it if my simple writing is hard for some to understand.


"On the other hand, your recent messages reveal that you, Citizen Richard (Emerson) and, perhaps undisclosed others, are operating as a self-appointed COMMITTEE ostensibly for a high purpose such as Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.


"Under the cloak of authority and mandate of the above,  you have advised me that I cannot decline the nomination because Citizen Michael (Gray) seconded the nomination.


"The COMMITTEE's nomination process bears a striking resemblance to the French Revolution and the process of selecting candidates for the guillotine (which reminds me of a guillotine story,  but I will save that for another day).


"My questions is,  does your COMMITTEE plan to provide the nominees with blindfolds,  a glass of wine and a cigarette if they are elected?


"Bruce [Ramsey]

"(for Judge Martha, Bill the Counter and himself) "


WB said,  "It seems like a very conciliatory letter to me,  but what do you think?"  Battaglia was irritated.  "Look at their demands:  A cigarette!  What honest citizen can afford that anymore,  after all the taxes those high muckety-mucks dumped on butts.  It's a sinful poor tax all right.  And, then, they want wine, too!  The rich just keep on sinning,  doesn't hurt them a bit.  What good's a blindfold going to do them,  anyway, when they've been blind all these years to the plight of the working class?  You tell me!  They don't even deserve the guillotine,  which costs us a pretty penny to sharpen, every time after it passes through one of their thick necks ..."  Seeing that Battaglia was making an unexpected recovery from his wounds,  but was still lashed to the bed,  our reporter walked out.


On the way back to Tattled Tales' offices,  an informant stopped WB on the street,  with this story:  Mike Gray had tried to charter a boat out of the country,  but the Coast Guard boarded it and has him under detention somewhere.  He is being questioned,  but we don't know about what.


This turn of events was clarified somewhat,  by a scribbled note delivered surreptitiously to our editorial offices:


"I don't recall seconding Bruce's nomination, but then again maybe my short term memory is not as good as my long term. Whatever, it wouldn't make any sense to not withdraw it because then it would be duly withdrawn and that wouldn't be right either (there's a Catch-22 in here somewhere).


"In addition, my limited experience in trying to get Walter [WB - ed] to change anything can result in something that's worse than the first version.


"With all of the above in mind, I refuse to withdraw the seconds that I didn't make for Martha's and Bill's nominations.


"Now, the most important thing to keep in mind is that their candidacy is now in the public domain and that they cannot not run nor not accept the nomination without a vote of the citizenry. Since this may prove to be an obstacle, I think that each of them should put forth a platform on which to gain public support.


"Do I hear any seconds? "


So,  it appears Mike Gray did second some of the nominations,  but may be worried about the Ramsey reach, or the alleged Battaglia faction.


Checking our records,  we found that Arthur Young had originally seconded the nominations.  But, kudos to our reporter WB for recovering Mike Gray's confession,  despite Gray's attempt to delete the evidence.


Tattled Tales assures its readers that we will continue to cover this growing story - which we uncovered! - of political intrigue and clandestine operations.


November 4, 2002



Donald Richardson.  who no one has seen for years and years, suddenly popped up, thanks to Ralph Abbott's efforts, noting:


"Would be happy to be on the list of WHS Class of '58. My wife and three daughters are now living on Long Island in the village of Plandome, and I get up to Wellesley frequently, to visit my mother in Needham, and other family and friends in the Boston Area.

"Apparently you have published my email already, as I have just heard from Stan Whitcomb, that I haven't seen in years!"


This morning, we found a copy of curious remarks on our desk, sent by Bruce Ramsey, Esq, a nominee for Vice-President, to Walter Battaglia:


"In light of your notorious reputation for intrigue and cabal, it's obvious that you and Dick Emerson have conspired to create a public enemy target list and disguise it as a nomination for class officers.



"With all due respect for our departed brethren, the duties of office for our class are clearly life-threatening.  Because of this,  Martha, Bill and I need to ponder whether our family obligations can allow us to accept your kind??? nominations. 



"On the other hand, we are very concerned about Priscilla who must feel like she is on the endangered species list.


"We will confer about your insidious proposal and analyze security requirements that will be necessary. 



"In the meantime, if there is any funny business, just remember that we know where you live!


"Bruce Ramsey

"(for Judge Martha, Bill the Counter and himself)"


Is some sort of  negotiation going on among the nominees, unknown to Tattled Tales?



Later in the day,  one of our reporters noticed Battaglia in an alley fighting off a band of brown-shirted hooligans.  Ignoring the melee, our reporter yelled, "Why are you targeting nominees for Class offices?"  Battaglia, distracted, took a hit on the jaw, then the stomach, and went down.  Hearing police sirens,  the gang ran off.  Prodded for an answer,  Battaglia gasped "They'll do anything to stop me." An ambulance arrived.  As paramedics loaded Battaglia on a dolly,  our reporter insisted, "What about the nominees?"   Choking, trying to grab the reporter's arm, he whispered, "You'll see,  there's a groundswell of support for my Chairmanship ..."


November 2, 2002



After a long chase,  this week we finally found Jay Blunt (though he didn't volunteer his phone #) and Dorothy "Dorcy" Erlandson.  We finally got Robert Luby's addresses and phones straightened out, having caught him in Florida.


Not totally French, yet,  despite a LIFETIME  in Paris, Dorcy writes,


"Dear Steve, Walter, and Dottie,

"The Oregon Slug made it to France!  Steve, your letter addressed to the Cape was forwarded by the South Chatham post office to my niece in Norwell.  Since you put "Please forward if necessary" on the envelope, she sent it on immediately to me here in Paris and I got it a few days ago.  I was just about to answer today when I got your letter, Walter, addressed directly to me here. 

"Congratulations on the website - I spent hours reading it.  But it was a shock to see how many classmates are no longer here....

"Dottie, I recently came across the letter you had sent about the last reunion.  I had never answered since it got to me when it was already over.

"I am hoping to be able to make the next one because I will be spending a lot of time on the Cape getting our beach house ready to sell at the end of the summer. This is a real heartbreak for me as I will no longer have a home base in the US.

"The address and phone in South Chatham are correct and I will be there on and off until end of summer 2003. When I am there I will find my old photos and will send some on to you - I know I have one of  Hardy School kindergarten or first grade class!"

What better witness to the effectiveness - which we touted earlier - of Steve's Oregon Slug Mail?


Last month, the HOT PURSUIT TEAM contacted or located Barbara Barry Nealy,  Sarah Battilana Wian (who hasn't told us her Vermont address yet),  David Beal,  Curtis Blinn, Linda Burdick Strauss,  Robert Eldredge, Paul Farnham, Julia Graham Allen, Nancy Kiddoo, Gary Lapham, Marcia Leahy Crago, Frederica Matera, Ann Maynard Brodzinsky, Robert Metzler, Howard Pritham, William & Joan Silvano Tobin, Beverly Swain Ellis, Theodore Villa, Linda Wilson Dillman and Carolyn Young Worthington.


There are still over 45 classmates out there on the run.  We use various techniques to find missing classmates,  including searches of public records,  phone books, GOOGLE, etc.  But, the most effective method remains personal acquaintance with relatives and friends.  PLEASE take a look at the MISSING PERSONS list (on the Class List):  If you can tell us anything about those who've lost their way,  it would be helpful (Send e-mail to Dottie, Steve or Walter).



Dottie Loring wrote about spending hours and hours checking the WHS web site:


"Well, I finally gave myself a break and went through the entire site and read everything.  I am so impressed with the whole thing.  It was great to read all the bio's and hopefully we will get more.  I love seeing all the other pictures from the yearbook on there too, I like seeing all the other things that our class was doing back then.  We certainly have a very well educated class and we have all kept busy doing exciting things through our whole lives.  Maybe we all have not reached our potential yet, but we are all certainly doing our best.

"Through thick and thin, we are all certainly doing well and we certainly were lucky to have the upbringing in a great little town.  I think all of our teachers would be proud of us. Jeremy [Chapman] should let his Mom know how many librarians we have in our class, which surely was because of her influence.

"Bruce Ramsey says his family still owns the Castle, wonder if he would let us use it for the reunion!  I remember we had a hell of a good time there graduation night!

"You have done a wonderful job Walter. I don't think you meant to take it on as a full time venture when you offered to take over the site, but your work as been above and beyond my expectations.  We will have to give you a Gold Star for the best effort in pulling us all together to enjoy and remember so much."


Our reporter interviewed Webmaster Walter Battaglia about this report,  who exclaimed, "You see, it's just like I told you!  There is a groundswell of support for my Chairmanship.  And, after I'm made Chairman,  Dottie - and the other officials - will have to give me a Gold Star every day!"  As Battaglia launched into a tirade on Party loyalty,  our reporter ducked out for another appointment.


November 1, 2002



Our reporters have been following nominees for Class Offices,  who seem to be avoiding the press.  When we spotted Martha Witherell Copithorne hurrying through the crowd in front of her Plymouth, NH offices,  we ran after her to ask about the Presidential nomination.  She said, "If nominated, I will not run.  If elected, I will not serve."  She said nothing about declining the nomination.


We haven't been able to get anywhere near the other nominees yet.


So the Class election campaign begins.




October 31, 2002



Speaking of Grade 6          Them wuz Us !!!! (see below)



How Things Have Loosened Up!  Coy Linda Hall Steward is working today as a BOURBON STREET BABE,  the result, she says, of having once lived in California.  We didn't know they had a Playboy Club in Monterey,  where you could practice being a Bunny.



Dottie Loring officially responds to Dick Emerson's proposal, specifically: "I'm not fit to be King and I've never been a Queen, a Queen Bee maybe!  WORK, WORK, WORK!"


This seems to put the Kabosh on Kings and Queens,  but where does it leave citizens of this Republic?  What with an election in the offing,  Dottie wants to know "what exactly are these people [the class officers - ed] going to be doing?"  A very good question,  one that Tattled Tales thinks should be answered.


So, the Tattled Tales CANDIDATE CHALLENGE:  Let's hear it from you,  the candidates, just exactly how you are going to fulfill the duties of your office.  And, anyway, what are the duties of your offices?  We will report their views,  or the lack of them,  as soon as we know them.



Demure Deborah Russell "suggests,"  but doesn't nominate,  Dorothy Loring Stanley for Vice-President,  and Walter L Battaglia for President. We were not sure whether it is legal for Mr. Battaglia to run for President,  since, as previously reported, he is already running for Chairman.  When we asked him about it, he said "I certainly appreciate this groundswell of support - it shows people really need a Chairman (pointing to himself)."  When we repeated he was suggested for the Presidency,  he huffed "Oh That!  No, No - it would be much better to put someone in there who will just carry out my orders."  'Wouldn't that be rather dictatorial on your part?' we asked.  Then he grabbed our reporter's arm firmly,  and gave a lecture on socialism (to be reported later when we've deciphered it).  As he released his grip,  he concluded,  "...So, you see,  it's entirely a matter of whether the President is in the Vanguard of the Proletariat or is just an opportunist Bourgeois lackey."  After that, our reporter ran to the next interview.



NOMINATIONS SECONDED -  Arthur Young seconds nominations for class officers, to wit:


How very sad that we have lost three of our finest--and rejoice that we still have Priscilla. As for Walter's suggestions [nominations - ed], I offer a hearty second. Martha Witherell, because I invariably (and alphabetically) sat near her and benefitted from her wisdom on all subjects; Bill Gulliver, a friend from the ole neighborhood, and whose mom was a terrific lady; and Bruce Ramsey, a member of my church, and with a great gift for contagious humor. Let's draft 'em all.





October 30, 2002



Our Senior Moment Sweepstakes is taking hold across America.  Michael Gray thinks he knows ALL the boys and girls in the Hunnewell Grade 6 photo,  except the lass sitting rightmost in the first row.  He ventures $20 that he is right on all but one.  We have his list in trust - no cheating allowed!


Send in your LIST - it need not be a list of the entire class.  All it takes to win is proving Mike wrong on anyone in the class,  except the young lady.




Does anyone want to improve the odds?


And, remember, Judy Hammond Blatchford offers $100 to the first who can prove the boy in Rocky Memory is NOT Brent Lathbury.


So, HURRY UP check those photos and your memory carefully.  SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES BY E-MAIL,  subject: SENIOR MOMENT SWEEPSTAKES.  Your IDs must be clearly stated,  and you must put your full name, address and phone number on the memo to enter.


Staff and employees of Tattled Tales, and contest judges,  are ineligible for this contest.



Now that things have got rolling in our Sweepstakes,  we will need a panel of at least 3 judges to determine any winners.


If you want to be a SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE,  please e-mail Tattled Tales right away.


October 28, 2002



"Things that go 'ultra' in the night ...", as Donald Lambro would have it,  about our 9/8/2002 report on his Washington, DC existence.  He complains about the inaccuracy of the liberal press - that's Tattled Tales, for the cognoscenti -


"Well, I am a Washington political reporter for The Washington Times and a syndicated newspaper columnist, but I do not "regularly report on the Pentagon and military matters," though occasionally write about these things. Mostly politics, policy, legislative battles, the White House, etc. and whatever else happens here in Washington. But what's this "far right" and "ultra-conservative connections" spin stuff in that item? Do I detect a left-wing tilt in Tattled Tales?"


As we told Don,  we checked the WT,  which had him reporting on the Pentagon and military matters,  in addition to his other exalted duties.  We haven't written to the conservative WT about their inaccurate reporting.


Since Tattled Tales is dedicated to fair and impartial reporting,  here are Don's own words about his work:


"Well, you are right, I certainly admit to a conservative perspective. But I've written a lot over the years about lots of political issues, and, as a reporter, written as much or more about liberal ideas and their champions. I've interviewed most of them  and supported some of their ideas, like Moynihan's push for lower payroll taxes and personal retirement accounts and the Democratic Leadership Council's ideas on trade, etc. and countless interviews with people like Ron Brown, Lieberman, Rangel, Gephardt, Daschle, Terry McAuliffe, etc."

Then,  Don finally tells us what is really important:


"I loved reading all the ultra-gossip and getting caught up on what people are doing ..."


Now, if Don can only give us a scoop or two on the real goings-on at the White House:  A little class LOYALTY could put Tattled Tales on THE MAP!



Power of the Press - Marcia Sullivan Stewart, prominent in recent Tattled Tales columns, gasps, "Okay, okay, all right, already!  Your sincere apology has been accepted ..."


Marcia says she's flying to Burbank later this week for her sister's 65th birthday.  Burbank is just a few miles from H-wood.  Is this just a cover for some new starring role?  We doubt it's just another Universal Studios tour.



Richard Emerson,  overwhelmed by how many Alumni are online,  suggests "As was done for many homecoming dances,  I think you two [Dottie & Walter] should be made King and Queen of the 45th Class Reunion."


Now things have just gone too far!  Walter refuses to be a Queen,  won't run if nominated,  and will not serve if elected.  Sorry, Dick.


We haven't heard from Dottie about being King or Queen. whichever, for a day.


However,  WB might accept being CHAIRMAN,  if that guarantees sales of the soon-to-be-published work,   Collected Thoughts of Chairman Walter.  It will be handheld size,  bound in a pink cover.  Who says we are not on the capitalist road to socialism here?



We note that the Class Offices,  except for Secretary [Priscilla Doran Brejcha has not resigned], are vacant due to death.  Thus,  it is timely to start the process for ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  We need to elect a CLASS PRESIDENT,  VICE-PRESIDENT and TREASURER.


To get things going,  here are Walter's nominations:


MARTHA WITHERELL COPITHORNE, ESQ for PRESIDENT.   Martha is well qualified for the office.  She has the major virtue of being an EXTREMELY laconic resident of  the famously taciturn New Hampshire.  Alumni need not fear being harangued too much,  or being subjected to exhortations such as those of Chairman Walter.  But,  Martha is not a pushover,  so we can expect strong and effective measures in fulfillment of the duties of the office.  On the other hand,  Martha is far enough away in remote NH,  that we need not fear the intrusion of Class Government into our lives.


BRUCE RAMSEY, ESQ for VICE-PRESIDENT.  As a former Class President,  Bruce is acquainted with the duties of the office.  As a lawyer involved in financial matters and Estates, Trusts, etc,  we are sure he understands the fiduciary requirements of the office.  We think he is especially well suited to keep an eye on any shenanigans of the other officers entrusted to spend our money wisely.


BILL GULLIVER, CPA for TREASURER.  With passage of Sarbanes-Oxley,  we have some reason to believe accountants wouldn't dare cook the books.  Our fears are further allayed by the simple fact that,  at last count,  the Class Treasury balance was $0.00.  Of course, if anything untoward happens, we are confidant that Bill is willing to take a dive,  as he loves the Ocean.






October 26, 2002



Our HOT PURSUIT TEAM's letters and phone calls continue to pay off.  We received e-mails this week from Prue Mors-Rains Lewis,  Ted Villa,  Bob Eldredge and Sherry Battilana Wian,  who decided to resurface.


As previously reported, Steve Kenney's OREGON SLUG MAIL pulled the heartstrings of Jeremy Chapman, Karl Christianson, George Frangoulis, Sally Kemp Scammon, Don Lambro, Gary Lapham,  Frederica Matera, Bruce McCracken, and Staunton Oppenheimer.


Now our HPT follows up and adds to the list of FOUND:  Marcia Leahy Crago, Merrilee Dyer,  Bill and Joan Silvano Tobin, Paul Farnham, Priscilla Doran Brejcha, Marcia Sullivan Stewart, Rosemary Rice Walton and Nancy Kiddoo.


Marcia Leahy Crago reports that Linda Burdick Strauss is indeed in E. Falmouth, Mass,  but that WB had messed up her address.  Steve is writing her another letter.


Sue Wilde Lindsey continues to have a Wilde time,  asking for an update of Bob Grome's address.  Stan Whitcomb note.  Sue says she is sure Curtis Blinn still lives on Bacon St,  but she hasn't seen him in 3 years.  We're following up on Curtis.


Bill Sharron is still thinking about whether he belongs in the Class of 1958  Do we need to print a revised YEARBOOK?


Steve also sent letters to Jay Blunt, Jackie Buxbaum Cross, Gwenn Dunbar, Tuckerman Dyer, Dorsy Erlandson, Bob Luby, Gerda Sanders, Georgia Manty Doukas, Kathy Fitzpatrick Bower, Henry Ward and Richard Iliff.  But, we haven't heard from any of them.


Letters to Frank Lang were returned;  we don't know where he is.


ONCE AGAIN,  we must ask our readers:  Please check the MISSING PERSONS list,  and the NON-RESPONDENTS we just listed.  If you have any clues about these classmates - where they are,  what they may be up to,  why we don't get a response -  let us know.



George Frangoulis VOLUNTEERED for "what can he do?"  WB is trying to think up some particularly choice assignment ...



October 24, 2002



After our last story about her,  Marcia  Sullivan Stewart complained she had not been treated fairly.  Our apology was offered, but ignored.  Shortly thereafter,  we received a memo from Bruce Ramsey, Esq.  We thought Marcia had retained Mr. Ramsey,  but she denied it.  After many delicate negotiations,  this matter was resolved.  However, Marcia feels Tattled Tales follows Alfred E Newman's philosophy, "the news that fits we print."



Bruce Ramsey in fact sent us an apocryphal story,  not a complaint,  summons or subpoena.   But, just in case it is what we think it isn't,  or isn't what we thought it was,  or is more or less than whatever, we reprint,


Moses and The Computer


M:    Excuse me, Sir.
G:     Is that you again, Moses?
M:    I'm afraid it is, Sir.
G:    What is it this time, Moses; more computer problems?

M:    How did you guess?
G:    I don't have to guess, Moses.  Remember?
M:    Oh, yes; I forgot.
G:    Tell me what you want, Moses.

M:    But you already know; remember?
G:    Moses!
M:    Sorry, Sir.

G:    Well, go ahead, Moses; spit it out.
M:    Well, I have a question, Sir.  You know those 'ten things' you sent me?
G:    You mean the Ten Commandments, Moses?
M:    That's it.  I was wondering if they were important.
G:    What do you mean 'were important', Moses?  Of course, they are important.  Otherwise, I would not have sent them to you.
M:    Well - sorry, Sir, but I lost them. I could say the dog ate them; but, of course, you would see right through that.
G:    What do you mean 'you lost them'?  Are you trying to tell me you didn't save them, Moses?
M:    No, Sir; I forgot.
G:    You should always save, Moses.
M:    Yes, I know. You told me that before.  I was going to, but I forgot.  I did send them to some people before I lost them though.
G:    And did you hear back from any of them?
M:    You already know I did.  There's one guy who said he never uses 'shalt not'?  May he change the words a little bit?
G:    Yes, Moses, as long as he does not change the meaning.
M:    And what about the guy who thought your stance was a little harsh, and recommended calling them the 'Ten Suggestions,' or letting people pick one or two to try for a while?
G:    Moses, I will act like I did not hear that.
M:    I think that means 'no.'  Well, what about the guy who said I was scamming  him?
G:    I think the term is 'spamming,' Moses.
M:    Oh, yes.  I e-mailed him back and told him I don't even eat that stuff, and I have no idea how you can send it to someone through a computer.

G:    And what did he say?

M:    You know what he said.  He used Your name in vain.  You don't think he might have sent me one of those - er - plagues, and that's the reason I lost those ten things, do you?
G:    They are called 'viruses,' Moses.

M:    Whatever!  This computer stuff is just too much for me.  Can we just go back to those stone tablets?  It was hard on my back taking them out and reading them each day, but at least I never lost them.

G:    We will do it the new way, Moses.

M:    I was afraid you would say that, Sir.

G:    Moses, what did I tell you to do if you messed up?
M:    You told me to hold up this rat and stretch it out toward the computer.
G:    It's a mouse, Moses.  Mouse!  Mouse!  And did you do that?
M:    No, I decided to try the technical support first.  After all, who knows more about this stuff than you, and I really like your hours.  By the way, Sir, did Noah have two of these mice on the ark?

G:    No, Moses.

M:    One other thing.  Why did you not name them 'frogs' instead 'mice,'  because did you not tell me the thing they sit on is a pad?
G:    I did not name them, Moses.  Man did, and you can call yours a frog if you want to.
M:    Oh, that explains it.  Kind of like Adam, huh, Sir?  I bet some woman told him to call it a mouse.  After all, was it not a woman who named one of the computers Apple?

G:    Say good night, Moses.

M:    Wait a minute, Sir.  I am stretching out the mouse, and it seems to be working.  Yes, a couple of the 'ten things' have come back.

G:    Which ones are they, Moses?

M:    Let me see.  'Thou shalt not steal from any grave an image' and 'Thou shalt not uncover thy neighbor's wife.'
G:    Turn the computer off, Moses. I'm sending you another set of stone tablets.


October 21, 2002



Bob Gallerani's Posse talked Ted Villa out of hiding without a fight.  He's in Winchester, Mass, as WB suspected, and ready to talk.




Steve Kenney's OREGON SLUG MAIL strikes again: "Nancy Kiddoo MacBarron called me this afternoon, after receiving one of my letters. She wanted to make sure that we didn't use her name and the word, 'lost', in the same sentence ever again. We had a nice talk."


"Nancy is another one of our classmates who, when she opened the senior pages in the yearbook, had to read her last name misspelled. It's Kiddoo (ki-DOO)."



Apparently, Bob City and his staff made a few mistakes writing the 1958 Wellesleyan. OK, lawyer Bob, how do you plead?




Instructional Reading 1 - Posy Rice Walton excuses her mistakes as follows:  "I've submitted my  register entry twice! When I saw the way it printed the first time, I decided to punctuate it differently and entered it again. Only after that did I reread your warning that I couldn't change it once I'd submitted it.  I'm hoping the webmaster has some control over content.  If so, you can delete my earlier submission.  So sorry."


We sympathized with Posey's problems.  But, we had to tell her she'd have to see an MD to get DETROL LA or another prescription for 'content control.'  We didn't know what to say about her submission problem,  since it actually happened 3 times. That's more than WB and a lot of other folks are capable of, lately.



Clues?  Marcia Sullivan Stewart helps out in the Jay Blunt disappearance,  noting " ... if Jay Blunt wants to resurface,  it may be possible to find him through an inquiry to the Class of 1995,  as his sister Barbara was a classmate of my sister Gail who graduated in 1995."  Puzzled by this report,  later on we found out that Jay and Marcia's parents hadn't conceived sisters some 37 years later.  She meant the Class of 1955.  So it goes at Missing Persons Bureau.



Police Blotter  Dick Emerson tells an improbable story "related to evening cruising..."


" ... the big Class of 1959 party ... got raided by the Wellesley police (and reserves) at the Aquaduct in back of the Nehoidan Golf Course? This was just before graduation in May of 1959?  Well, I and a few of the local cruisers attended and, even though stone sobber (sic), we had to take evasive action jumping from one sand trap to another to get away... yes, they had police cars on the golf course shining spotlights. They even had police cars driving along the side of the dirt aquaduct that leads to the large aquaduct bridge. There were only 5 caught and arrested... they were too plastered, climbed up some dinky trees between the aquaduct and the creek... and proceeded to laugh so hard the trees shook and they were spotted.  That was one night that I was glad to be just an observer and it was really exilerating (sic) to make the great escape."




The Dark Side  Dick Emerson also remembers "... an old classmate of ours who should appear on the 'Known Deceased' list.  CARL SCHIRMER was a classmate through the sophmore or junior year... can't remember senior year.  He was murdered by a college acquaintance when they were driving back from their college, in Florida, to Massachusetts.  He was killed and left in a ditch.  The killer took off with his almost new white MGA and he was finally caught somewhere in the Southwest.


"I rode the train with Carl into Boston every weekday during the Spring of 1959; we attended Newman Prep together.  The Summer of 1959, several of us local yocals hung around at HOJO's in the square.  Carl was often there and I cruised with him once or twice in his new MGA.  He was a nice kid from a nice family."



October 19, 2002



"DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS"!?  Dottie Loring Stanley checked with some friends who are "WHS OTHER" - the ones not THE Class of 1958 - to learn they are envious of our website. Keep on wishing ...


This is nothing new.  After JHB provoked WB into re-reading the 1957 WELLESLEYAN,  even WB was surprised to see how prominent the Class already was by its WHS Junior year.  The 1957 book is loaded with pictures of - you guessed it - the Class of 1958!  One wonders what happened to those '57ers? We hesitate to say, also-ran,  but ... At a later date, we may scan in those many pages of 1957,  proof of our history.


October 18, 2002



Peter Edmands, Esq, had us trembling as he reviewed our website before Court.  But, he only entered a motion to change the record as follows:


"Picture at 26th reunion 26.5-2-1 includes me doing some sort of strange dance of greeting with Don and Pat. Actually, I was being presented with an award for the having the youngest child of those in attendance. Interestingly, that child was/is my oldest son who is now a junior at NYU - Tisch School studying film and writing. My second son just started at Savannah College of Art and Design (GA). My daughter and youngest child is just entered high school (9th grade) and I will shortly be leaving my office to attend her field hockey game. Also, since that time Sheila (spouse) has written and publishes a series of educational materials, books and manuals that form a reading instruction system for children at risk for reading failure."




After we told Marci Sullivan Stewart that we nabbed Rosemary "Posey" Rice Walton, and Posey was plea bargaining,  Marcia finally broke her silence:


"Okay, one more try as I think my first reply is lost. I teach at Armijo H.S. just around the corner from the courthouse. I teach English as a second language to level two/advanced beginners/early intermediate students for two periods, SDAIE/advanced level tenth graders for two periods , and twelfth graders at the SDAIE level for one period.



"Glad to know that the messages were received in spite of my technophobia. Yes, I need a coach, or do I need a sponsor in Technophobes Anonymous? Yes, Posy and I have stayed in touch, if sporadically, over the years. She and I have gotten together several times, most recently six or seven years ago when my son-in-law was stationed in Portsmouth VA. She is as much fun and bright as ever."


Tattled Tales is now talking to Marcia about the rest of the story ...



Howard Pritham, MD is a general surgeon in laconic NH,  and has 3 children.



Eleanor Doe lets us know how she feels about New England winters:


"We have been having some beautiful weather this week, except Wednesday when we had a nor'easter. We are finally getting color. It has been a good two weeks late in coming this year. I wonder if it is from our very dry summer. It won't be long now that we will be packing for Naples, Fl. We leave Jan. 6th and come home April 10th. It is so nice getting out of the northeast in the dead of winter. We rent a condo in Naples. It is a 5 min. walk to the beach. We have a canal going right by the front door with lots of boat activity. Amazing how many "Wellesley " people  come down to Naples for the winter."


We warned Eleanor to be on the lookout for the ones on our MOST WANTED list.



WB finally got Barbara Barry Nealy's phone number right,  but hasn't told her he possesses a GENUINE BARBARA BARRY SIGNATURE on a 1957 WELLESLEYAN $1 deposit receipt.  Imagine that:  $1 for a WELLESLEYAN!  Since JHB is unbeatable,  WB is wondering what he can get  for it on e-BAY?  Maybe the one good investment he ever made ...



JHB's monetary challenge sent our staff scrambling for the Tattled Tales Library,  where we dug up well preserved copies of The Bradford for 1956-1958 and a 1957 WELLESLEYAN.  Alas,  the 1956 version was nowhere to be found,  putting us on the verge of becoming Tattered Times.  We found "B Lathbury" in 1957, p 54,  standing between Frank Lang (erroneously labeled "R. Lang") and Steve Kenney, but can't tell whether this is the same kid as the one in ROCKY MEMORY.


So,  we have to appeal to you readers:  Dig up those 1956 WELLESLEYANs, check it out!.  It is NOT a foregone conclusion that Judy wins all!  You could be a BIG WINNER (see 10/17/2002).


October 17, 2002



Judy Hammond Blatchford can't stop looking at boys.  And she admits it!


"I (apparently professional boy-watcher!) [her words -ed.] will put $10 on the fact that your unknown basketball player in Rocky's picture is Brent Lathbury.  No, wait!  Make that $100.  I just dug out my 1956 Wellesleyan- on p. 68, top picture, top row between Stan Hunt and Frank Lang is "B. Lathbury."  He is also on p. 54 of the 1957 yearbook.  He must be one of the ones whose parents decided he was having too good a time and needed to get off to private school if he was to get into college (at least that was Park's parents' feeling).

"What?  You don't keep your old yearbooks on your bedside table?"


Ok,  folks.  Wanna bet a long shot?  I put the starting odds at 10:1 favoring Judy. Is anyone making book? Or must we go to Vegas for this one?


Bob Gallerani put on his gum shoes,  and went after Ted Villa.  Villa's father, sister, brother-in-law and maybe other relatives are entrenched in Wellesley,  some of them acquaintances of Bob's relatives.  But,  the Wellesley Villas are a tight lipped clan, even though they're probably not related to the hundreds of Pancho Villas we found in phonebooks.  And Bob's informants aren't talking much, either, saying only that Villa is hiding out somewhere in Massachusetts.  WB thinks he's in WINCHESTER.  Bob put out the word that Ted should report to us;  it will go easier if he co-operates now.



SPRINTing is wearing out Dick Emerson,  who's been up late hours "getting some software out the door,"  a complaint not unfamiliar to those in the permanently 24/7 software business.  Dick got hold of Rosemary Rice Walton,  who knew all along where Marcia Sullivan Stewart was.  It appears neither years nor distance separates old friends,  but they should have known better than hiding from our HOT PURSUIT TEAM!


Another one working long hours is Bev Swain Ellis, who manages a Hallmark store until late into the evening.  Dick was told all by abandoned-at-home  hubby,  Richard.


All this work is an increasingly familiar tune,  sung by many who've lost fortunes on Wall St.  Or were we robbed?



Found in Boston are Joan Silvano & William Tobin, who are said to be well connected in Back Bay.  They are "away" until mid-November,  according to the caretaker.


Meanwhile,  we've had to put several more people on the MISSING PERSONS list,  now totaling some 52 people - 23% OF THE CLASS! Maybe they've had it, and moved to Club Med.  If you are taking any trips - to SPAIN or elsewhere - keep an eye out for the lost ones, would you?



October 16, 2002



Judy Hammond Blatchford has been looking over boys, again:


"Was just looking at Rocky's pictures again.  The WJrHi 1955 Basketball team picture:  definitely Bill Danielson.  Also, Peter Fitts [Fitz -ed], Jay Blunt - I'm pretty sure. Ask the girls who may (or may not have - I'll never tell) had more than a passing interest in them!!!  Their memories may still be pretty good.  Also, does Rocky look a little bit like a blonde JoePa?  (Joe Paterno for those non-Penn State fans.)


Judy gets EXTRA POINTS on this exam for identified our misspelling of Fitz and Blunt,  which we've corrected.  We'll ignore her renewed interest in boys in this case.


We agree,  and we're hoping you agree,  because now we've had a number of witnesses.  The strapping young lad on page 3 must be Bill Danielson,  and we've labeled it that way.  Congratulations to Judy, Dick Emerson and Staunton Oppenheimer for putting the finger on that fellow.  NOW all we have to do is find him:  he's still on our MIA list!


But, the contest is not over.  Who is the player between Myles Byrnes and John Putnam on our Rocky Memory Page 1?  Check it out,  and send Tattle Tales your eye witness report.




Judy also previews her vacation trip: "We're going on a great big plane to Lisbon ... and then will be cruising to the Canary Islands and the southern Coast of Spain.  I will be thinking of one of my favorite teachers, Sr. Vaca, as I try to remember a few words of Spanish ... Hasta luego,  Judy"


Of course,  she is not getting off the hook so easily.  This will be a WORKING vacation,  as Tattled Tales expects Judy's Compleat Guide to Spanish Cruising with Photographs, for publication shortly after her return.  Ah-so,  sayonara, Judy-san!



Steve Kenney is in HOT PURSUIT of Linda Burdick, who doesn't live at an address that doesn't exist.  We think she married a Strauss,  and has something to do with the Jaffee family (step-parents?).  Does anyone know Linda,  and what may have become of her?


On the other hand,  Steve's fired-up letters have rousted MARCIA SULLIVAN STEWART out of hiding just a few miles from WB.  She pleads, "I am having trouble accessing all you have sent  ... Okay, now you know the truth.  I am in danger of becoming extinct,  as I am way behind the times.  In the meantime, I will ask a friend to try to figure it all out for me.  That is my immediate plan for adaptation.  ... I am a busy teacher and devoted grandmother to four wonderful little children."  WB also learned that, like most Californians,  Marcia and X joined the BTDT crowd in1994.


October 15, 2002



Judy & Park Blatchford are departing for Europe at the end of the month.  Wistfully looking through the WHS website,  she reflected "... Have just been reading the tales and if that doesn't convince David Buell that he ought to "come home," nothing will.  He, Staunton, and all those guys were at Seldon Brown with Tootsie, me and all the other girls.  We had great times together.  I guess the school is no longer there, however."  We hope Judy returns soon,  as she is a dogged player on the HOT PURSUIT TEAM.



Bruce Ramsey topped WB,  pointing out the virus attack on WB's computer "... goes to prove the old axiom, 'no good deed goes unrewarded.'"



Polly MacPhail Randall shoots down a high flying Lindsay Childs balloon,  with WB on board:


"Kathy Fitzpatrick is divorced from her husband - I'm not sure of the spelling of his name either. I understand she is a now a Methodist minister herself. You may be able to locate her through the United Methodist home office. Her husband was a minister here in Moultonborough a while ago."



Dick Emerson and Bruce McCracken hit it off.


"I talked to Bruce McCracken for 1/2 hour on Saturday and 1 1/2 hours on Sunday. We talked about a lot of the common things we shared in life... Warren School, living in poets corner, Boy Scout Troop 183, gymnastic and wrestling teams, gym team at UMASS, the Defenders; plus we both lost our brothers sadly at an early age. It was great to talk to Bruce on all these subjects. We had a lot of laughs. I applaud Bruce for getting to compete 4 years in college gymnastic initial goal in life that I blew partying too much; Bruce did it and his coach was none other than Eric Kjelson.


I told Bruce about the controversy over the unknown lad in Rockie's (sic) basketball pictures.  [Rocky Memory - ed] Bruce remembered the one photo right off and said that was definitely Bill Danielson. He is going to check out the second photo this week. His email address is at his office, so maybe you will get some feedback today... oops, make that Tuesday... Bruce works for the government and today (Oct 14) is a holiday.



Stan Whitcomb tripped out the other day,  when Sue Wilde Lindsey called him.  Is Jaynie monitoring his calls? He told your reporter, "Hadn't talked with her in over 20 years. What fun it is."  Does he know that Robert Grome told us he always liked Wilde women?  What is developing around the quadrangle?  Can Lindsay's Ring Theories help us out?



Priscilla Jenkins Benson demurely wrote "You can change my address to my legal address ... I am not at the Wellesley address very often."  Now  'Scilla and John reside near Lake George, NY.


October 13, 2002



We've formed a HOT PURSUIT TEAM,  which is chasing after the long lost classmates.  They've been working hard to lay hands on many elusive people,  and deserve our THANKS.  Volunteers in this group are:










Walter B is coordinating the phone and snail mail lists.  IF YOU CAN HELP,  SEND WALTER AN E-MAIL



Statistics:  The YEARBOOK shows 228 WHS graduates.  Of those, 29 (13%) are known dead,  leaving 199.


We have about 257 people on our class list,  including some 29 long-time friends and associates of the class.  Of the 257, 31 are known dead.  44 (17%) are on our MISSING PERSONS list.  Thus,  there are 182 people for which we have some known method of contact.  Of these 117 (64%) are on the Internet,  33 (13%) are on the HOT PURSUIT list, and 32 (18%) are supporting the US Postal Service.  We are pretty sure those on the HOT PURSUIT list live at the addresses or phone numbers we have.


We know of only 3 people - truly a small fraction - who prefer "disconnecting" from this group,  for reasons not fully disclosed.


Assuming those being pursued and the missing split as above,  eventually we might find 145 (64% of 226) people on the Internet.  So, we think there's another 28 or so of you out there on the web, lurking somewhere. ET Call Home!



GORDON WILLIAMS was reported dead last week by his widow's nurse.  (Mrs. Williams appears not to be in good shape.)



REBECCA COOK DREW may be dead,  according to Etta Harney Badsteubner.  We do not have verification.



Dick Emerson sent us notes on his conversations with the long-lost.  He writes:

"I had some very nice conversations with several of our old classmates this past evening.

"George Frangoulis is alive and well in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. ... His e-mail address .  We had a nice chat.  George is looking forward to communicating with the rest of the class.  I will let him explain the meaning of his e-mail address.

"Priscilla (Doran) Brejcha is alive and well in Overland Park, Kansas... a stone's throw from my town of Stilwell.  She moved to a new residence in Overland Park recently.  She works part-time at the Trailridge Elementary School in Overland Park;  not currently teaching. ... I told Priscilla that I would print off some hard copies and hand deliver them to her ... is the e-mail does not work.  Sounds like Priscilla is living a happy life.  I look forward to having lunch with her and her husband in the near future.

"Stauntan Oppenheimer is alive and well in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We had a long chat and he gave me some good tips on locating other classmates. ... Stauntan filled me in on the fact that he did not officially graduate from WHS, but left after his junior year for Cushing Academy... where he bumped into a couple other Wellesleyites. He wants very much to keep in touch and hopes to attend reunions... but he is not sure about the 45th next summer. He gave me some tips on finding Robert Hansen, which I will follow up on later. Bob works or worked for Chrysler Motors and lives in Maryland, North Carolina or Virginia. Stauntan also gave me the name of John Gummere, who he said was originally in our class, but left in the 10th grade to attend a private school; John is to visit Stauntan soon and I was told that he would like to be added to the distribution list... guess I will have to come up with his addresses in a week or two, after his visit with Stauntan. He also mentioned David Hersey, who left for private school. We also discussed Bill Danielson and Larry Daloz, who left in the 10th or 11th grade for Noble & Greenough. His bringing up the name of David Hersey reminded me of Bill Hersey, who was once in our class; I believe he left and graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and later Cornell...moot point, however, as I know Bill Hershey died a few years ago. Stauntan also gave me a tip that Ted Villa may be living in Belmont, Mass. ... Stauntan also mentioned Robert Madden, who I believe was once in our class. Robert hit the big time in the business world and is a mega-millionaire. Stauntan and I had a great chat, and as you can see he was a good source of information.

"Joan (Roberts) Brackett is alive and well in Ballwin, Missouri.  Joan was out, so I chatted with her husband, Tom.  Seems like a nice chap.  They live on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, a few stone throws from St. Louis and about 250 mi from KC ... Sorry I missed talking to Joan.  Sounds like she has a nice husband.

"... This was my first night to try reaching classmates.  This is fun and warming to the heart."


Bev Ekings Gervais writes "I've snail-mailed reunion response forms to Priss Doran Bretjka, Sue Drummond Abele, and Jo Morton Clark ... In fact, I think I have Mary Booth's newish name and address ..."  There are a lot more "inner workings" going on in this class than we realized.



Jo Morton Clark writes, "Thanks for finding me.  I am new to email and will find it fun to follow the class news. It's impressive how many classmates have been found.  I look forward to the reunion." Un-liberated men,  eat your hearts out:  Jo is an award winning fly fishing expert.  WB being one of the all-time losers at the sport,  I asked the secret of her success.  Said she, "It's all in the flick of the wrist."



Jim Duffy reports on his travels:

"... I visited Mass. and N.H. a couple of weeks ago and got to visit with my old buddy Ralph Abbott and his wife Mary. It had been forty years. In facing one another after all that time it became suddenly clear to the both of us that we are not as we thought, middle aged, we are getting old. It was a wonderful experience that I shall never forget.


"I live in Leola Pa. a suburb of Lancaster Pa. Do we have a clue as to any or how many of our classmates are located in the Middle Atlantic States. [See State of the Class - ed] ... This website and related websites have rekindled old memories and old friendships.


"I have heard from George Mc Carthy (California) and Brad Rohrer (class of 57) Annapolis  Md. I am regularly in touch with Dot and Bob McCarthy and Ralph."



Madeleine Williams Conlon volunteered for the REUNION COMMITTEE EAST.  We are asking others living on the East Coast,  preferably in the Boston area (likely site of a Reunion),  so serve on this Committee.  This Committee needs to figure out where we might hold any meetings, dinners, events, etc,  and at what cost.  The Committee needs to look into travel arrangements and lodging,  and whether any discount packages are available.  So, CONVENTION PLANNERS & TRAVEL EXPERTS that you are,  here's your chance to create the best Reunion ever!  E-mail or call DOTTIE.



Steve Kenney has sent OREGON SLUG MAIL to Blunt, Buxbaum, Chapman, Christianson, Dunbar, Dyer, Erlandson, Frangoulis, Kemp, Lambro, Lang, Lapham, Leahy, Luby, Matera, McCracken, Oppenheimer, and Sanders.


In case you don't know about Oregon slugs,  they are the largest in North America,  have a voracious appetite, and invariably move quickly to grab whatever is in sight.  Not at all the garden variety critter people elsewhere are familiar with,  it is indomitable in Oregon and the Northern California coast.  Perhaps it is something about the climate that also produced Steve Prefontaine,  one of the world's fastest runners (see


If you doubt the efficacy of Steve's methods,  be it known that within a few days, we found Chapman, Christianson, Frangoulis, Kemp, Lambro, Lapham, Matera, McCracken and Oppenheimer.  That's an impressive 50% hit rate.


Steve notes,  "After thinking some more about Stan Hunt I believe that I will send a letter to the family.  Want them to know that he was an inspiration to me in high school and maybe beyond, too."


Lindsay Childs opines, "I'm going to take a wild guess that Katherine Fitzpatrick's husband Rev. Larry Bowyer is the pastor of the Cedar Vale United Methodist Church, Cedar Vale, Kansas."  We're still checking into it.  Note also Lindsay's speculation about Larry Daloz (see Missing Persons)



Bruce Ramsey, Esq, sent a memo to Dottie, "I recall talking with Kathy Fitzpatrick at what was probably an earlier reunion and she was living in rural Kansas.  I believe her husband was a Methodist minister but I could be wrong about the denomination."  [In the 1984 Reunion book she says her husband is United Methodist Church minister, Rev. Larry Bower. - ed]  He also reports,


"I saw Peter Hutton on a plane back in the '80s, maybe the '70s.  He was an engineer in one of the Route 128 high tech companies, doing US Defense Dept work if memory serves me.  At that time, he had taken over his parents house on Cottage Street, Wellesley"



While we haven't heard from Sarah Battilana Wian,  we think her son, Kent, works at Tufts and is responsible for a soccer association in Boston. (Kent D Wian, 156 Webster Street Boston 02128 MA 617-567-7001).



In the last week, Judy Blatchford found John Noonan;  Don McNutt found Ken MacKenzie, Steve Erskine, and Bernard Christianson (who goes by "Chris");  Dick Emerson found Priscilla Doran Brejcha (who is also a friend of Bev Gervais) and Joan Roberts Brackett; Walter found Loretta Pearson Bigelow,  Virginia Sleigh Sands, Anne Maynard Braff, and Sandra Smith Boynton.  Sandra Boyton found family friend John Putnam.



What is it about the Scotch?  Don McNutt insists we visit his impressive family site (  Anything you want to know about Don's family tree is there.  Bob Maxcy,  Anne Turner Maxcy's husband, has set up a similar site,  but with pictures (  Bob insists his wife is a beautiful woman who hasn't changed a bit since she was  18.



Bits and Pieces:  In conversations with recently discovered classmates,  we learned a little about them.


Virginia Sleigh Sands is in education,  writes children's books,  has 2 adopted children (plus 4? more of her own) and does photography as well.  She remembers WB's offer to sell tickets for a trip to the Moon, which WB does not.  (As a favor, WB will offer $1 for each authenticated ticket presented for redemption.  Otherwise,  the Moon trip company is out of business.)  She will work on contributing some samples to this site.


Don McNutt says Ken MacKenzie has been a super courier for FedX for years and years, and loves it.  Don also notes that Dr. Howard Pritham practices medicine in NH.  And,  Bruce McCracken is a New Jersey road planner (note, NYC commuters!).


Walter had a long talk with Howard Braff,  Anne Maynard Brodzinsky's X.  He praises her, saying she is a "beautiful person"  and "... she stills lives around the corner" (in S. Orange, NJ).  They have several children,  and share them peaceably.  Meanwhile,  Ann has moved in with David Brodzinsky,  who is also a psychologist.  Ann is an author well known in child psychological circles, specializing in adoptions.  WB has pending correspondence with her.


'Scilla Jenkins Benson is rejecting WB's e-mails,  following the DOS attack on the web site,  and last week's virus scare.  She had told WB she doesn't like or trust the Internet,  so this is not a surprise.  Anyway,  WB is used to being rejected by ladies.  Maybe one of the ladies reading this can convince her to come back to the fold (don't even think about mentioning WB).


Judy reports more confusion in Montreal,  where Prudence Mors told Judy she belonged to the Class of 1962 and had just gone to a Wellesley Reunion.  Pru - apparently a Wellesley College graduate - couldn't remember Wellesley High School.  We'll consider this a Senior Moment.  Would the several Wellesley College graduates in our class undertake straightening out Pru, and 'Scilla, too, please?  [Does the College warn impressionable undergraduates about Townees too much? -ed]


Loretta Pearson Bigelow has been Treasurer - previously Assistant Treasurer - of Towns in and about Framingham.  Hit by the massive budget crunches now afflicting Massachusetts,  she's looking for another position.  Asked about her handling of the people's money (taxes),  she swears she never takes home any free samples.  She insists that, anyway, there aren't any leftovers;  the City's cupboard is bare.  Of course,  our investigative reporters will never believe that story,  especially when some politicians still claim things are not as bad as they seem.


WB had a long talk with Bob Boynton, Sandra Smith's hubby.  Being a Needham man,  Bob warned WB several times to report fairly about Needham,  feeling that Wellesleyans are innately prejudiced and cannot get things right.  Hoping to placate Bob,  WB risked all,  revealing the little known fact that he was actually born in Needham.  Bob wanted to know, however, exactly where in Needham WB lived,  feeling that even Needham denizens living too close to the border are infected with "Wellesley-ness".  It is not clear whether Needham Heights was far enough away.  But it doesn't matter,  as Bob believes WB was almost certainly, hopelessly corrupted by actually living in Wellesley for years thereafter.  Moreover, Bob thinks attending WHS and playing in the WHS Band at Needham-Wellesley games is more than enough evidence to secure conviction of being a Wellesleyan.  Sandra and Bob have been married since the 1960s,  but it must be hell around Thanksgiving.  Maybe they live in Dover because it is relatively neutral territory.



So it goes ...  Your reporter was rejected, battered and bruised this week,  having been recruited into long-forgotten wars.  If there was  any news or person I forget,  my apologies,  but my sore head, bloodied nose and shredded fingers can't take any more.


October 9, 2002



1845 or FIGHT!  The long simmering war between California and Oregon goes on at WHS!  Even the least slight by a Californian becomes an occasion of dispute for feisty Oregonians.  So,  to settle maters peaceably for the moment,  we have set apart OREGON in the State of the Class.


Steve Kenney says Oregon became a State in 1845,  but the history books say it was 1859.  The California Republic acceded to the Union in 1850.  Neither State ever seceded from the Union,  although many citizens of both states have often had severe doubts whether we really belonged with parts East, North or South.


One of the longest running border disputes within the United States was between Oregon and California.  When the O&C lands were surveyed, in the19th century,  they blew it!  From Siskiyou (which Oregonians call Mt Ashland) to the coast (Brookings-Crescent City),  there was an error amounting to MILES of land.  The correctly drawn border would have thrown most of Brookings, Ore into California,  thus reclaiming its 75% expatriate Californian population and making them pay the infamous SALES & USE TAX.  This was totally unacceptable to the refugees, and successors to the O&C empire.  This wrangle was finally settled about 10-15 years ago,  when California generously ceded Brookings to Oregon,  but took back a slice of untaxed mountain forest land running along the border to Hilt, Ore.  Hilt is mostly a gas station on I5 at the foot of the Siskiyou grade,  which made a bundle selling PowerBall tickets and no-sales-tax gas to Californians.  They fought the settlement tooth-and-nail, but were sacrificed to California..  Now, Hilt, Calif sells high-priced California gas and Lottery the unwary, drags out people stuck on the grade every winter,  and gets by.  For those who know the road,  Oregon's highway and signs still occupy 2 miles of California's territory,  though the OFFICIAL State line markers were moved to the correct location.


For Californians,  the worst of it came during the late 1970s and 80s,  when Oregon ERASED the "Welcome to Oregon" paint on all its roads crossing the border.  You can still see the blacked out words on the I5 segment now in California territory.  CalTrans and ODOT have an agreement about maintaining the Siskiyou grade,  which apparently doesn't include removing historical landmarks.  Of course, during the economic crisis of the early 1990s, Oregon's politicians changed their minds,  so now the southbound lanes read "LEAVING OREGON,  COME BACK SOON!"  (Are Oregonians aware of this treachery?)  I think this has something to do with money flowing uphill.


Californians wistfully remember that the Silver State,  Nevada, once belonged to the Golden State,  but Oregon has never been possessed by anything Californian.  In fact,  Oregon and Washington were British colonies before being conceded to the United States.  Oregon is unique in having been settled by large numbers of pioneers from Massachusetts during the 19th century.  Coos Bay, for example, was originally called MARSHFIELD,  after the Bay State town.  There is still Marshfield High and lots of other Marshfield things there.  But,  times changed; the true, original natives (the Koos) asserted themselves and their names.  Lately,  those who learned the white man's ways well are triumphant, as anyone visiting the Coquille tribe's casino,  The Mill (largest on the Coast),  can see.


In fact,  many Northern Californians and Southern Oregonians consider themselves citizens of the State of Jefferson.  This is widely advertised and supported.  A few years ago,  voters in California's northern counties approved a resolution to secede from California. (WB voted 'yes'.)  If that ever happens,  a 300 x 150 mile stretch of the coast from Coos Bay - Roseburg nearly down to Ukiah-Sacramento will have disappeared from the parent States,  and by itself become one of the larger States of the Union - an area 2/3 the size of Washington.  Of course, the powers in Salem (named after the Massachusetts town) and Sacramento will not let go their long-subdued tributaries easily.  So,  Jeffersonians groan everyday under the yoke of  their serfdom.


For those who've only flitted in and out of the West,  and relied on maps,  know that the maps lie.  Washington, for example, is a long thin sliver - only 160 miles from Portland to Seattle, and another 60 or so to BC.  Meanwhile,  it's 300+ from Portland to Ashland,  and another 300+ to Sacramento - about 700+ in all.  Oregon has some really good rest areas,  but California has been cutting back:  bring your Porta-Potty.  (Why do you think there are so many road tunas on I5?)  Here,  I must warn the unwary - it's only another 385 from Sac to LA,  over what-everybody-knows is the most BORING route in the world, I5,  at least until you get to Tejon,  the Tehachapis.


Lots of people get fed up with the tourists during the Rain Festival (October-May),  so they flee the Northwets for their personal Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, the Mojave and Aridzona.  When the rattlers and Gila monsters come out,  they've had enough salvation;  returning to the sinful baths further north.  Those in between, such as this writer, are familiar with their plentiful license plates busying the really great highways Californians built and paid for.


There's a sign on Hwy 50 near I80 in West Sacramento that says it is about 3,000+ miles to someplace, Maryland. Even for Californians,  that's quite a trip.  I usually think of Washington, DC as being at least 4,000 miles or more from wherever I am here (mentally and physically).  It's enough to make you realize that all those people passing through from Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington (alphabetical here, no preference implied!)  are just hometown folks.


October 7, 2002



Fasten Your Seatbelts:  The correspondence for the last week or two has been totally manic-depressive,  so take an extra lithium tab,  maybe some MJ, too,  then read on.



Big C:  Jim Yotz' has had a relapse,  so now he can't drive and has trouble using his computer.  (See Snapshots)  He enjoys reading e-mail,  but would much prefer a PHONE CALL.  So,  now's the time to call Jim and reconnect with an old acquaintance.  (See Class List)  I don't know his schedule,  but I suspect mid-day calls would be best.


BG Metzler (not 'betty gene',  pla-ese) is a breast cancer survivor,  and is very active in the Charlotte, NC Breast Cancer society and related activities.  Robert M is also active in Charlotte service organizations.  BG says the experience certainly changes your attitude about life,  and she looks forward to living each day,  one day at a time.  This reporter has heard this from a lot of friends and acquaintances in similar situations,  and learned it for himself;  certainly something each of us should take seriously.


WB's friend, Robert Kane (not WHS), is running his 2nd marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.  You, too, can help sponsor someone in these runs,  or contribute to your favorite society, which raises money for research and medical care.  Meanwhile, WB now manages to walk 30 min/day, per MD marching orders; but, a marathon, never!


Steve Kenney is having a Vietnam Wall experience viewing our "In Memoriam."  It seems the list gets longer and harder as one goes through it.  He was unhappy about HS buddy Stan Hunt being on the list, and would like to know more about what happened to him.  If anyone out there can tell us about Stan's life,  we'd appreciate it and will post the news.  [I think he was a psychiatrist. - ed.]


Etta Harney Badsteubner opines Rebecca Cook Drew is dead, but is confused about Becky's life.  Was she in and out of the Nunnery?  We've haven't got a handle on Rebecca,  but aren't prepared to enter another obit.  Any clues you have about Rebecca would be most welcome,  since she's among the very-hard-to-find on the long-lost  list.



Lost & Found:  We've had a good week, locating over 10 Missing Persons.  The Super Sleuth Award goes (again) to Lindsay & Rhonda Childs,  who pinned down Donald P Martin's hideout to  Chicago.  Don inadvertently revealed himself in several book reviews,  and even responded to a WB probe.  Maybe Don is a semiconductor/microchip expert. However,  we haven't got more details on his whereabouts, yet.


Lindsay professes Math at NYU, Albany,  where he is an expert on the theory of Groups & Rings in algebra,  and apparently in humans, too!  Take a look at Lindsay's guess on Larry Daloz (Missing Persons).  Scoffer WB has been repeatedly shamed by many of Lindsay's "wild guesses" turning out to be right.


WB found Karen Wegner Porter and Chris Holman alive and well in Montana,  and had really delightful conversations with both.  Karen is involved with ROCKS at Montana Tech,  which is what geologists do.  Karen traded notes with WB about life in the rural West,  which we both enjoy.  I think we had a meeting of minds about a lot of other things, too.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother and did it all well!  We are hopeful Karen will contribute a thing or two to our website.


Chris is semi-retired on the farm,  having been a high-tech machinist in Silicon Valley nearly forever.  He's made the (hand-made) stuff that makes the Internet work,  hush-hush stuff for DOD contracts, and continues working with California companies.  He has a heart valve problem,  which is controlled by a new drug.  We grumbled at each other about the cost of prescriptions,  health insurance and medical care generally.  As he says,  Jessie James is alive and well,  and owns the hospitals (and maybe the doctors & drug companies, too).  His son's given him a computer,  which he's going to hitch up to the Internet pretty soon.


WB also checked out Sue Bell Dennett,  who is a very busy person (see Registry).  Her husband,  Prof Dan Dennett,  teaches philosophy at Tufts,  and has published several books of great interest to WB.  The Dennett name has crossed WB's path before,  but little did he know how closely this was connected to WHS '58.  (Sue:  I ordered the latest 3 books from  This means I'll read them.)


Joan Morison Bennett was busy setting out dinner when WB interrupted.  As a physicist,  she did research on antennas.  She's been involved with the schools for a long time and is active in local politics.  She was elected to the School Board.  The hot issue in Glendale, AZ is porny shops near schools,  as well as getting WB OFF the phone at dinner time.  (The media will do anything to get a story.)


WB continues his pursuit of Jay & Dona Blunt who are dug in somewhere near Long Grove or Lake Zurich, IL.  WB surmises that Don Martin also lives not too far away.  What is it about the rural area north of Chicago?  Can't be The Mob - they hung out on the south side.


Robert City is a very discreet member of the Boston bar.  There is a website link in the class list to his impressive credentials.  We're hoping to learn more about him,  despite his claim of being "computer challenged."


Bruce Ramsey and WB have been trading one-liners,  WB having taken advantage of Bruce's profession on several occasions.  Bruce writes: "As for my law practice, I have been much more oriented to planning (structuring business, real estate and personal ventures and investments) than court work."  Delivering another blow to WB,  he says "I believe Lindsay Childs is on the right path to make contact with Larry Daloz."


Marcia DiLucci Sechrest is a Sacramento real estate agent (Coldwell Banker).  WB found her after having a long talk with X, Joel, of Modesto.  They agree on one thing:  Marcia hates the chill and fog of Half Moon Bay.  Marcia's been in California since the mid-60s,  and has 5 children - 4 on the Coast and 1 back east.  Her 2nd husband died of cancer last December.  Marcia is a spunky gal,  and is putting the pieces back together.  She loves real estate in the hot Big Tomato.  Spoilsport WB quipped, 'yeah, sure, the way prices are, you're giving tours of Buckingham Palace everyday.'  Lucky her:  she forgot about going to the square dances in Weston with WB during 7th grade,  but who wouldn't?  Marcia and WB will have another chat later.


Bob Gallerani, Dottie Loring and WB are trying to figure out what's happened to Nancy Kiddoo.  We've put her on the Missing Persons list,  as she seems suddenly to have disappeared.  Anyone got any clues?



Dottie Loring wonders whether a GROUP flight to WHS REUNION can be organized,  as she needs help with her wheelchair.  Also,  a group package would lower costs for those of us on the Left Coast who aren't living in Beverley Hills.  Interested?  Contact Dottie.



WB is going to be persistently obnoxious again,  noting that there are enough WHS refugees in the West to have a Western Reunion.  The cheapest and most centrally-located way to go is the Nevada casino packages;  they can handle any size group, especially in the off-seasons. While there, you can take care of any unfinished business,  as Marriage & Divorce is open 24/7.  It takes a little longer to set up your Tax-Free Nevada Corporation.  WB prefers Reno,  because it's not as busy/glitzy as LV.  By the way,  WB worked a short time in Reno as a Keno writer,  doesn't gamble, and can verify what Walt Spita says:  "The house always wins."  (Hang onto your wallets.)  Of course,  someone has to pay the freight ...



Now, before you feel too sorry for, or irritated by, WB,  maybe it's time to mention Shiow's long held belief that he is defective,  and should go to a training class.  WB has managed to escape reform so far,  showing that he is indeed a devious and willful character.



October 1, 2002




Later,  lightning strikes again,  when Phil Bertocci calls back,  forcing WB to eat his words (see below).  Phil is indeed a Philadelphia lawyer,  working for Consumer Legal Services.  Before that,  he spent some time teaching at Stanford.  We are going to be hearing more from him.



We're trying to get the ever-not-home Phil Bertocci to answer our phone calls,  since we want his e-mail address.  Maybe he's a Philadelphia lawyer?  Maybe someone in the area can find out what's going on.



Tootsie (Ms Hildebrandt) just finished entertaining old friends at Surfside Inn in Chatham.  She sent along some photos,  which we've posted on her snapshot pages.  Carol Castellanos Rader refuses to get an Internet address,  but offers to pay Tootsie $0.25 (hard cash) per delivered e-mail.  So, folks, now you can do your part to end the .com stock bust:  send Carol an e-mail or 2 or 3 or 100!


Joan also writes that Diane Cannon Jolicoeur & spouse own a Bed & Breakfast In Marblehead,  which is on the internet at


We found Priscilla Jenkins Benson at home,  and learned that she just retired from Wellesley College.  She taught Astronomy there for many years.  Judy Wood Augusta's daughter also recently graduated Wellesley,  with a minor in astronomy.  Priscilla's email address is available by request.



Positive ID:  Judy Hammond Blatchford is positive her husband, Park Blatchford, is the person holding the banner in Rocky Memory (page 1).  Our reporter interviewed Mrs. B yesterday at length about this,  and now have written testimony (see Registry).  We will take it that this ID, from a very reliable witness,  and the previous confirmations of Martha Copithorne and Sandy Protze,  are conclusive.


But, the mystery is not over.  Who is the other fellow on page 1 (back row)?  Judy thinks it is Brent Lathbury.  But, does anyone else remember him? 


Meanwhile, this reporter believes Dick Emerson is right about Bill Danielson on page 3. Somehow, he looks "right" to me,  but I didn't know Bill well.


Will someone please come forward  and help us out?  Senility is NOT an excuse.  Not yet.



Missing Persons:  Our list grows longer, not shorter.  As Don McNutt, Dottie and I have been calling around,  we've found phones disconnected and more classmates missing.  PLEASE check the missing persons list.  If you know


September 28, 2002



Tom Curry writes:


" ... remember Band? could always beat me out on Clarinet!  I still have my Tenor [Sax] and believe it or not,  I still play the damned thing.  My neighbors think I'm keeping geese in the house."


And,  now this forces yet another embarrassing confession by WB.  I gave my clarinet away years ago.  I practiced classical piano for about 20 years,  but now have mostly given it up.  Rubenstein, I am not.  And, another public confession and apology:  Barbara Fish was really a much better clarinet player than me.  The only reason she wasn't made solo/1st clarinet was old Raymond Leach's sexist prejudices (common in the '50s),  that the boys had to be put ahead because they would support families in the future.  I am sure you ladies know which glass ceilings I am talking about.  I have always felt guilty about that.,  and now you know.  [Being webmaster is getting tougher every day ...]


Tom tells how it is lately:


"I've been retired since 1997 as I thought that 32 years as a Probation Officer was enough...and crime won!  My wife, who was also a Probation Officer, has been ill for the past few years, but after several operations, we're finally enjoying retirement..

"I've remained in touch with a few classmates....Jim Adam, Al Leonard, Bob Porter and since the last Reunion, Dottie and Jimmy Yotz.  Porter and I have been in business together in a couple of ventures...a record company for about 15 years and more recently, selling Jazz vinyl to the Japanese.  Bob is working on a book on the History of Soul Jazz and I'm doing research for him at Harvard, Brandeis and a few other Universities.  I just passed the exam for a Security position at Logan Airport as the Feds are taking over in's going to be part-time if I take it.  I miss the "action."


Now that we know Logan is in good hands,  the only remaining question is whether WB could ever pass through its gates?


September 25, 2002



Flash!  Linda Hall Steward wrote to Dottie and WB how surprised and pleased she was to receive an e-mail from Ralph Abbott:: "I can't believe it!  I just got an e-mail fro[m] Ralph Abbott saying hello ...  He and I want to formally thank you for all you are doing.  I am sure that a reunion will occur ..."  Linda goes on to say,


"Ralph, Margaret Sullivan and Jay Blunt and I used to live very close to each other.... we went to grammer (sic) school together.  I had to tell Ralph that I remembered where his house was... right across from Margaret's house... Jay, Ralph and Margaret and I used to be chums at play.  In fact, I remember  the 4 of us playing "spin the bottle."       

Intrigued by this sudden unburdening of childhood secrets,  our reporter asked Linda,  "...  now we have a revealing fact about BOTTLES.  The question is whether you and the others are still spinning them?"  To check Linda's memory,  we asked, "Also, on our list we have Marcia Sullivan.  Is this the same person as Margaret Sullivan?  Have we erred somewhere?"  Linda said, "Yes... sorry...  bad recall.  Marcia Sullivan is the one!"


Having established that Linda is not senile,  our reporter insisted, "Are you now going to claim faulty memory about those bottles, too????"  Flustered,  Linda retorted:

"No way, actually I am proud to be of the "bottles" era!  The 50's was much like a "sheltered flower" era. Today there wouldn't even be a "bottles" stage! I am glad I was what I was at that age.. sweet, spoiled, and sheltered... :)"



Archeology Homework:  Sandy Shaw Protze confirms Martha Witherell Copithorne's identification of Parky Blatchford.  That's the young fellow holding the banner in between Lindsay Childs and Frank Lang.  The Blatchfords, who are holed up near the Catskills,  haven't given us an e-mail address,  so we aren't able to reach Parky for confirmation.  And, Frank Lang is hiding in Florida. 


We've expanded our investigation to Lindsay Childs,  and asked Dick Emerson for more documentation.


Is it possible the other person (Rocky's page 3, middle) is Bill Danielson?  After all,  that boy looks different from the one on page 1.  But, then,  who can tell about teenagers in the growing phase?  The mystery deepens ...


September 17, 2002



Archeology 101:  A controversy is brewing over Rocky Memory - or the lack of it.  There's an unidentified young lad pictured on our Rocky Memory pages 1 & 3.  On Sept 3,  Martha Witherell Copithorne wrote, "I think the missing name on the first picture, holding the banner is Parky Blatchford."  And, we were willing to go with that,  since there was a vague resemblance between that fellow and the Yearbook photo, and no other information to the contrary.


Now, Dick Emerson challenges that claim.  As he says:


    "The unknown lad in picture #1 [our page 1], holding the banner on our left, is Bill Danielson. He is also the unknown lad in picture #2 [our page 3]. Bill lived on Fiske Road, just around the corner from Bruce McCracken. I used to live in the cul-d-sac at the other end of Fiske until we moved to the top of Longfellow Road. Quite a few of us used to meet for the bus to Junior High on the corner of Fiske, very close to Bill's house. I also attended Warren Elementary with Bruce and Bill. ... Bill attended Junior High and possibly one year at WHS, but he moved on to Nobel and Greenough (however you spell it) along with Larry Daloz."

Accepting Dick Emerson's claims of  multiple sightings of Bill Danielson,  we still have the fact that Rocky Edwards, who appeared in the photos,  does not remember the suspect.  And Martha Copithorne thinks it is someone else.


We at Tattled Tales did not send our investigators to check the allegations.  Mea Culpa. So, until we have sufficicient confirming witnesses, we withdraw our identification of the unknown person. We extend our sincere apologies to anyone feeling offended in this matter. We will continue our investigation of these photos and report the facts when they are known.



September 16, 2002



Ian Walker taught Chemistry and did research for many years at York University, Toronto.  Now he is retired from the "teaching racket" with a "little bit of money."  I suspect Ian is being tight lipped about the money,  as he isn't telling us his address, phone number or other details important to beggars.



Nancy Perkins Sousa writes that she has been very active in the Daughters of the American Revolution, and was DAR President for  three years.  She also writes that Massachusetts is second in the number of Bowhunters. Don Sousa is their President while Nancy has been the sometime Secretary/Treasurer.  Nancy and Don have been very active in bow hunting over 12 yrs,  but are retiring from their positions soon.


Nancy gets a lot of praise from me on this one.  The associations I know about have had a terrible time getting anyone to be Treasurer,  and even worse problems with Secretary.  Usually,  we've had to chain someone to a chair and make a per diem appointment.  Maybe I shouldn't have told everyone about you ...



Dottie Loring is chasing after Anne Maynard, Karl Christianson, Paul Farnham, George Frangoulis, Harriet Glazer, Arthur Young and others who registered on,  but don't answer e-mails.  George F. apparently deals in olive oil and runs trips to Greece.  Walt & Joyce Spita spent many years on the Aegean Islands  (think about that while you're watching "Lives of the Rich & Famous), so maybe he can help us find George.  How 'bout it, WS?



Ralph Abbott still remembers WLB's "help" in setting up a ham radio rig in Jr. High,  while Bill Gulliver still remembers the TV set "louser" that drove neighbors nuts (allegedly made by WLB).  Lucky that was long ago;  these days WLB would probably end up in Guantanamo Bay, pronto!  (WLB wonders how you get a "country club" cell now - the one with free food and MD.)



Bev Ekings Gervais lives in Rolling Hills and has some connection to UCD Vet Med;  that's in Davis, where WB lives.  Now, how's that for connecting the Internet dots?  Who else will turn up?  ... Stay tuned.


Bev writes she has been married to Clay (Skip) since 1962.  Clay hails from the Sacramento area. They traipsed about the country until getting stuck in LA.  Skip is a consultant.  Bev works part-time as an elementary school instructional aide and church secretary.


She has fraternal twin daughters - Christine + 3 grandchildren living nearby, and Michelle in Sonoma.  Son, Buddy - Clay Jr, lives in Dubai, UAE with his British wife and twin daughters.  Another daughter (unnamed!?) is coaching women's soccer at her alma mater.  Bev's sister Danni, (WHS '60) and husband moved to Arizona,  where they built a barn, straw bale house and artist's studio on their 80 acres of high desert!

She says, "We've gotten together with Jo Morton Clark a couple of times!  Great fun!  Priss Doran Brejka was here with her husband in July and that was grand!  Marcy Gress (Payne - see below) and I talk frequently, although we don't get together in person as much as we did when my parents were still here.  I even saw Sue Drummond Abele for a short while in the mid-nineties.  A couple of years ago Dottie Loring was over in Redondo Beach and we had lunch together - that was a lot of fun!"


Martha Gress is Martha Gress,  having x'ed her X.



Dick Emerson sent a bill of goods,  in the following missive.


Dick is a senior software engineer at Sprint, with 21+ years on local billing (LTD division).  "SPRINT built a humongous campus in Overland Park, Kansas... which looks like a N.E. brick college campus and holds 15,000 + employees ... I try to stay technical and avoid the politics of management; doesn't pay as much that way, but I have less stress and enjoy my work more."


"... Don McNutt worked across the aisle as a contractor a year ago. ... (He) is now with ADM in Decatur, Illinois."

"How did I get stuck in the midwest????  Well, I graduated from college out here and met my wife in the process... thus, settling down maybe too close to the in-laws.  Except for the few weeks of extreme heat and the lack of nearby mountains, this is a great place to live... uncrowded and spread out with 4 distinct seasons.  Oh, the other shortcoming is the silty lake water; often you cannot see your hand when 6 inches below the water surface.  I summered on Lake Winnipausaukee and truly miss those beautiful spring fed waters where you can often see things to a depth of 30 to 40 foot.

Dick subscribes to The Townsman, and says "Life in Wellesley was fantastic and I do miss those days very much."


Don McNutt writes "... his wife of 42 years and grandaughter (age 20) live in the Springs.  I work in Decatur, IL and get home to see my wife every 4 -6 weeks. My cousin Doug McNutt has his own plane ... Colo Springs is home to the US Air Force Academy and Pikes Peak (14,201 ft high)."  [There's a lot of high living going on in Colorado!]


Walt & Joyce Spita last posted me a note 12/6/2001 - BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  The problem is this:  It's not clear what YEAR was intended by these CHARTER MEMBERS of the PROCRASTINATORS CLUB.  Apparently, Linda Nutter Low is on the verge of joining the club, too, as she writes:  "I'm sure we all appreciate it (this website), even if  those of us who excel at procrastinating don't take proper advantage of the site immediately."  Linda Hall Steward may be thinking about joining, too (but I hope she doesn't).  Shall we break out the whips & goads?


With Spita and Nutter going for the Guinness Book,  the rest of us don't have a chance. Hurry along your news, articles, stories with the TATTLER,  our pet bird who tells all .


September 8, 2002



Donald Lambro is a political reporter and syndicated columnist with the Washington Times, a masthead of the far right.  He writes in the paper's "Commentary" (op-ed) column,  and reports regularly on the Pentagon and military matters.  He is also a "talking head" on CNBC's "Kudlow & Cramer",  and other programs with ultra-conservative connections.  


September 7, 2002



Bob McCarthy relays a report in The Townsman that the newly rebuilt Sprague School has been opened.  In the rebuilding,  they preserved the original front face, but everything else is new.  Sprague now has a much larger library.


He also noted the Kingsbury School property was sold off to developers years ago, and is now a condo complex.



Jim & Judy Duffy are pushing themselves out the door of their Pennsylvania home to vacation in New Hampshire.  Along the way,  they will be visiting the McCarthys and Wellesley.  Bob McCarthy and Jim served together in the USAF. Bob further served as Best Man when Jim & Judy married.



Dottie Loring Stanley wants to know why more classmates aren't computerized?  Your editor notes that those who remain in Wellesley seem to be, per capita, least computerized of all - at least judging by the State of the Class.  Does this reflect the fact that these folks already know everything about each other,  because they're all there?  Or has the computer revolution not yet reached Wellesley? (Although I am an advocate of, and participant in, many of the various revolutions originating here, in Northern California, I do know that people elsewhere often have great difficulty in assimilating these developments.)


           Since this question bears on the success of this website,  I am very interested to know the answer.  Your opinion, PLEASE!


September 6, 2002



Bob McCarthy reports that 28 Wall Street, Wellesley just sold for $1,063,000,  and wonders what George "Butch" Mead, who lived there,  would have thought?


Does this support the worm-hole theory of the Universe: the black hole on NY's Wall  St. somehow connected with Wellesley's Wall St, which has natural springs under it?



Nancy Perkins Sousa has just returned from African Safari with bow-hunter spouse Don.  She has also been loyal camp follower in the wilds of Canada and Alaska.



Alice Edgerton Graf sold her antique quilt business 2 years ago,  and is now a textile/quilt consultant in Pennsylvania.  She is know internationally for her work.



Bonnie Brown Wentworth has hit the road,  traveling back and forth between their new Florida home and work in NH.  A wearying experience, but she escapes NH winters.



Debbie Russell may or may not be out of the restaurant business in St Augustine, based on conflicting reports.  She may or may not be looking for other things to do.  We are trying to find out what is really going on.



Marilyn Pratt Ten Eyck is making a trip to Las Vegas and S. California. It is not clear whether she intends to drop the family fortune, or make one, or neither.



Linda Hall Steward wants us to report ALL the scuttlebutt on marriages, divorces, who is seeing who, etc.  We're trying, Linda, but PIs cost a lot these days,  and some of us can't climb over the walls and sneak around like we used to.  But, there is hope ...



Don McNutt commutes from home in Colorado Springs to work in Decatur, IL courtesy of air chauffeur,  cousin Doug.  Maybe Don could help us out with some really low cost airfare for our investigative reporters?  Is there someone who can loan us hi-tech snoop equipment?



Lindsay Childs thinks he heard Ian Walker professing Chemistry in Toronto, but we are awaiting confirmation of this report.



Marci Tims Farwell is now a full service RE Broker in NH.  If the worm-hole theory is correct,  she could be on top of another green gusher.



Richard Emerson is still a Sr. Software Engineer with SPRINT,  where he works on the  billing system.  Now that we have an "in" with SPRINT,  maybe we can get our bill fixed.



Martha Witherell Copithorne thinks the young fellow holding the banner in Rocky's pictures (page 1) is Parky Blatchford,  and we have entered that guess.  Now,  how about some more IDs from the rest of you,  or are your eyes too tired?  Remember, Dottie Loring offered rewards



The folks in the Mohave and Arizona are sweating through 110++ days,  but it will soon be over.  We did NOT have an exceptional summer in Northern California - scarcely ever used the a/c.  I am looking forward to the very pleasant Fall weather we have in the Sacramento Valley, and on the Coast, right through December. ... Walter Battaglia


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