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Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958

 July 25, 2003

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Photos submitted by Dottie Loring, Art Young, Don Richardson, Gary Lapham,
Judy Hammond, Patti Powers, Loretta Pearson, Sally Kemp, Joan Roberts, Ellie Doe,

George Dudley & Bob Gallerani

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Crown Plaza Lobby

Crown Plaza Lobby

Crown Plaza Lobby

A big smile from Denny

Galla & Rocky

Guys checking out the rooom

Long Time No See!

The Andersons, Rocky, Bob M & Galla

Anne Parker, Joan Morison, Judy Wood

Back of Frank Lang, Cila Doran, Linda Wilson, Dick Stackpole, Carol Wioland (behind)

Back of Ralph Abbott, Jo Morton, Howard Pritham, Butch Crosbie & fiance'

Bob Gallerani, Marcia DiLucci, Pattie Polimeno

Bob Gallerani, Ed Winnier, John Devereux

Bob Metzler, Joyce MacCauley, Patti Polimeno

Bob Metzler, Ted Villa, Linda Wennberg, Joan Roberts

Brown Elementary School - Judy Hammond, Steffi Carle, Bill Gulliver, Jo Morton, Dorsy Erlandson, John Putnam, Joan Weisenbach, Sue Drummond

Bruce Ramsey, Ed Winnier

Carola & Denis Anderson

Carola Anderson, Bruce Ramsey, Denis Anderson, Mike Gray, Rocky Edwards, Dick Stedt, Park Blatchford

Classmates arriving - Dorcy Erlandson, Dottie Loring, Debbie French, Joan Silvano

Classmates reconnecting & having fun!

Debbie French & husband Earnie Cassis, Bill Tobin & wife Joan Silvano

Debbie French, Dick Stackpole, Ernie Cassis, Bill Tobin

Debbie French, Joan Weisenbach, Joan Roberts

Denis Anderson, Park Blatchford, Bill Gulliver, Sandra Smith

Denis Anderson, Mike Gray, Rocky Edwards, Ernie Cassis, Bob Gallerani

Dick Stackpole, Bev Swain, Joan Silvano, Sue Wilde

Dick Stedt, Bob Gallerani

Dottie Loring, Joan Weisenbach

Dottie Loring, Don Richardson

Dottie Loring, Joan Weisenbach

Dottie Loring, Mary Doran, Joan Weisenbach

Esther Mortarelli

Everyone talking!

Frank Lang, Bev Swain, Priscilla Doran, Joan Weisenbach

Frank Lang, Joanne LaCharite & husband Leo Surette

Freddie Madera, Dottie Loring

Freddie Madera, Nancy Perkins

Friday night group chatting it up!

Friday's Welcoming Banner

George Doherty, Rocky Edwards, Dick Stedt

George Dudley, Rocky Edwards, Dick Stedt

George Dudley, Carola Anderson, Bill Walsh, Denis Anderson

Gordon Irving

Howard Pritham, Ted Villa

Jo Morton, Joan Silvano

Jo Morton, Bill Gulliver, Steffi Carle

Jo Morton, Joyce MacCauley, Frank Lang, Joan Weisenbach

Jo Morton, Joyce MacCauley, Tootsie, Dottie Loring

Joan Morison, Dorcy Erlandson, Sara MacGilvra, Pru Mors

Joan Roberts, Joan Silvano

Joan Roberts, Stan Whitcomb

Joan Roberts, Judy Roberts, Gordon Irving, Linda Wennberg, Dick Stedt, Joan Silvano, Dottie Loring

Joan Silvano, Bill Tobin, Nancy Perkins

Joan Silvano, Dottie Loring, Joyce MacCauley, Frank Lang

Joan Weisenbach, Dottie Loring, Steffi Carle

Joanne LaCharite, Dottie Loring, Leo Surette

Joanne LaCharite, Dottie Loring, Marcia DiLucci, Leo Surette

John Devereux having a good time!

John Devereux, Denis Anderson, Joan Weisenbach, Rocky Edwards, Nancy Bishop Stedt

John Devereux, Gordon Irving, Bob Gallerani, Judy & Park Blatchford

John Devereax, Nancy Perkins, Ed Winnier

John Putnam, Carol Wioland, Sandra Smith

Joyce MacCauley, Ralph Abbott

Joyce MacCauley's husband Bob Coughlin, Frank Lang

Judy Hammond, Steffi Carle, Bill Gulliver, Jo Morton, Dorcy Erlandson, John Putnam, Tootsie Weisenbach, Sue Drummond

Judy Roberts, Charlie Peck, Nancy Bishop, Dick Stedt, Mary Doran

Friday night only attendees: Judy Roberts, Howard Pritham, Sue Drummond, Steffi Carle, Sara MacGilvra, VV Martin, Anne Parker, Joan Roberts

Judy Wood, Esther Morteralli, Sue Wilde, Bob Metzler

Kathy Fitzpatrick

Ken's wife, Ken MacKenzie, Bill Walsh, Denis Anderson

Linda Wennberg, Judy Roberts

Checking Gordon out? Linda Wennberg, Joan Roberts, Gordon Irving, Judy Roberts

Marcia DiLucci, Pru Mors, Judy Wood, Marcia Sullivan

Marcia Sullivan, Joan Morison, Judy Wood, Patti Polimeno

Marcia Sullivan, Tootsie Weisenbach, Linda Wilson

Mary Doran, Joan Weisenbach

Mary Doran Doherty, George Doherty

Mary Doran, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Dottie Loring, Anne Parker, Judy Wood

Mary Doran, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Dottie Loring, Anne Parker, Judy Wood, Sara MacGilvra

Mike Gray, Joan Weisenbach, Bruce Ramsey, Denis Anderson, Joan Roberts

Nancy Bishop Stedt, Steffi's husband Charlie Peck, Joan Weisenbach

Nancy Bishop Stedt

Patti Polimeno, Bob Metzler

Patti Polimeno, Esther Mortarelli - Friends Forever!

Paul Wentworth & wife Bonnie Brown

Priscilla Doran, Dottie Stanley

Priscilla Doran & husband Thomas Brejcha

Ralph Abbott, Butch Crosbie's girlfriend, Butch Crosbie, Howard Pritham, Judy Roberts, Sue Drummond in background

Rocky & Penny Edwards

Rocky Edwards, Ted Villa, Nancy Bishop, Stan Whitcomb, Bob Metzler

Rocky Edwards, Ted Villa, Nancy Bishop, Stan Whitcomb, Bob Metzler

Steffi Carle, Esther Mortarelli, Patti Polimeno

Steffi Carle, Joyce MacCauley's husband Bob, Joan Roberts

Priscilla's husband Tom, Mrs. George Dudley & George, Sue Drummond, Priscilla Doran

Brown Elem - Judy H, Steffi C, Bill G, Joanne M, Dorsy E, John P, Joan W, Sue D

Gordon Irving, Dick Stedt, Rocky Edwards sharing a laugh

John Devereux, Nancy Perkins, Ed Winnier, Joan Roberts

Judy & Joan Roberts talking to Dick Stedt

Judy and Joan Roberts

Mike Gray, George Doherty, Bruce Ramsey, Carola & Denny Anderson

Parker & Judy Hammond Blatchford, Steffi Carle & husband Charlie Peck

Penny Edwards, Gordon Irving and one very tired Dotte Loring - Thanks Bob for catching that!

Rocky Edwards and Steffi Carle laughing over memories

Surprise Rusty! It is just Chic Lang!


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